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Another week has passed here at the Academy, and to welcome February with open arms, we have released new Live! Labs, a new course, and Linux Academy Enterprise, a new way to manage your Linux Academy teams!

Linux Academy Enterprise

Linux Academy Teams has evolved! Welcome to Linux Academy Enterprise. Not only did the team dashboard get a new look, but Enterprise is packed with new features that will make managing teams easy. Featuring sub-teams, daily activity graphs, and a refined team-invitation system, with more updates on the way, Enterprise is the team training solution you’ve been looking for. You can discover more in our earlier blog post.

New Course

Active Directory and AWS

For those interested in learning how to combine Microsoft Active Directory with AWS need to look no further than our new Active Directory and AWS course.

New Live! Labs

  • Streaming Video with Elastic Transcoder, S3, and CloudFront

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4 years ago

Linux is one of the best operating system in the security aspect…get trained in #linux @

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