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This week has featured some major releases from Linux Academy: From our new and improved flash cards system to the Library feature for searching and navigating through our tons of content, we’ve been working hard; and so have our students! As usual, we’re happy to announce a slew of successes that our students have shared with us this week.

Features & Announcements

Flash Cards

If you haven’t seen our new flash cards, now is the time! Decks now respond to your rate of success with cards, and the new social features allow you to share, rate, and copy cards that have helped you the most. Read more here.


If you log on to the website you might see a change in our navigation bar: The addition of the Library. The Library is one easy place to view and sort through all our content. At this time, we are working with further integrating it with our courses page to offer the most streamline, easy-to-understand solution for navigating our vast amount of content.0.2

Student Success




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