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Linux Academy Quick Start – What You Need to Get Going!

Posted on October 4, 2016 by TerryCoxTerryCox

At Linux Academy, we pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of the courses that we offer our student community. You can often find our courses laid out with fifty or more videos comprising dozens of hours, hundreds of quiz questions, dozens of hands-on exercises and labs, as well as a comprehensive study guide collection and flash cards. However, whether it’s because you need a break or you just need to get started using a new technology, we have recently launched Linux Academy Quick Start™.

Quick Start™

These courses take their queues directly from the title. Each of these courses is designed to be a short and sweet look at a technology. They are designed to be digestible within two hours or less, comprising six to eight videos that show you just what you need to know to get the technology installed and configured for use. You will learn the basics of the primary function of each topic and how you can jump in and start using it in your environment. We launch with a short list of DevOps topics today but anticipate rounding out the list with topics that run the spectrum of what we cover at Linux Academy. Topics launching now are:

  • VIM – The Improved Editor
  • Docker – Quick Start
  • Jenkins – Quick Start
  • Ansible – Quick Start
  • Git – Quick Start

Within just a couple of hours, each of these courses will give you what you need to jump in and be productive with that technology. And when you are ready to learn more, we have full blown, in-depth course content on each of them. Sometimes you don’t have time to read a 30-page comprehensive study guide. We understand, and these courses have a one or two page Cheat Sheet that you can print out and stick on the wall next to your monitor until you get used to the new commands we just covered.

As Always, Speak Up!

We take out student community’s thoughts and suggestions very seriously. We have launched entire courses because our students demanded it. If there are topics (whether we have in-depth coverage of them or not) that you would like to see covered in a Quick Start™ course here at Linux Academy, please speak up. Drop us a line, create a post in the community or send us a tweet and we will do everything we can to continue meeting your needs by providing the greatest training you can find for a price that everyone can afford!


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