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Linux Academy Partners with CloudBerry Lab

Posted on January 17, 2017 by ColetteWladykaColetteWladyka

These days, it’s rare that you’ll find a company that isn’t leveraging the advantages of cloud services. Despite some of the obvious ones, such as security and increasing the efficiency of your IT systems, there are a surprising number of companies – particularly small to medium businesses (SMBs) – that aren’t taking advantage of the cloud to backup their data.
One of the reasons companies aren’t implementing cloud backup is that they lack the understanding or experience to do it properly. To combat this, Linux Academy has established a partnership with CloudBerry Lab to create a custom training course on how to design and implement backup strategies with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
CloudBerry was established in 2008 by a group of experienced IT professionals and specializes in providing cloud-based backup and file management services to SMBs. Being the foremost online Linux and cloud training platform and community, Linux Academy is the perfect vehicle for delivering this new course to CloudBerry and Linux Academy users. In this course, users will learn about backup strategies, AWS storage options and classes, data transfer and backup seeding with AWS, security, and train in hands-on Linux Academy labs.
CloudBerry believes that life is a space of opportunity for all, that every person has the potential to realize these opportunities for the benefit of themselves and the world around them. Similarly, Linux Academy is dedicated to providing high-quality, certification-based training to help people find or progress within careers in high-demand segments of the technology industry.
Through self-paced courses, personal access to expert instructors and an ever-growing learning library, Linux Academy caters to beginners and experts alike. With more than 2,500 videos, Linux Academy offers hundreds of hours of expert-curated video course material.
Courses are engineered to go beyond simply preparing students for certifications; they’re designed to truly prepare students to advance in Linux and cloud careers. Course instructors and content curators are constantly creating lessons based on industry trends, new releases and the demand of the community. Coupled with the subscription model, users are granted unlimited access to all current and future courses as well as Linux Academy labs and hands-on learning tools.
More than 82,000 aspiring and expert engineers have developed new skills with Linux Academy training courses. Linux Academy is excited for CloudBerry users to join companies such as Rackspace, the Associated Press, MailChimp, Asurion, Media Temple and many others who are already active in the Linux Academy Community.
Visit Linux Academy to learn more about the AWS Backup Strategies course.


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3 years ago

Sweet. Right up my alley. This an some insight into IPV6 for S3 and I will be one very happy soul.

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