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Joining Linux Academy is a no brainer. With unlimited access to over 2,000 high-quality training labs, free server access, self-graded exercises and tons of quizzes & practice exams, there’s no reason not to sign-up.
What you may not know is the reason users STAY with Linux Academy: our vibrant community!
The Linux Academy Community is where instructors and students come together.  Whether you’re having trouble with a concept, looking for a job or just want to chat about Linux or cloud services, the Community Page is where users have been going for years.  And now, we’ve made it even easier to keep up with the latest posts.
Our community has been growing so fast that it could be difficult to see everything that’s happened.  You might have submitted a question on Tuesday, and if you didn’t log in by Thursday, your question might have been buried by one of our many Announcements and a deluge of achievements.  A glimpse of the Community below just goes to show how much activity there is in the Community.
For this reason, we’ve created a notification system that will track the posts you have interacted with.  Whether you’ve created a post or simply responded, the notification system will let you know when that thread has been replied to.

New Notifications

You’ll notice a new envelope at the top of your screen.  The number next to it is how many notifications you currently have.
Clicking this envelope will show new posts, announcements, achievements and anything else since you last interacted with the community.  You can click on an individual post from here, or click View All to get a list.
Clicking “View All” will take you to the Notification Center.  This is where you can see all new posts, and the time they were posted.  You can select some or all of these with the check boxes on the left and either “Mark as Read” or “Mark as Unread”.

Changing or Stopping Notifications

Don’t worry!  We’ve given you a whole control panel to adjust what and how a notification is sent to you.  Want to be emailed when someone responds to your question?  No problem!  Don’t care when a new post is made?  That’s fine!
To adjust your notifications (including turning off the sounds), go to your Manage Account page.  You’ll see our new Notification Preferences by scrolling down.
This is just one new feature that Linux Academy has added lately to enhance your experience as you train.  Stay tuned for future updates!


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