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Linux Academy Live Show and Announcements

Posted on January 21, 2016 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

For those of you who missed last week’s Live Show, it is now live on YouTube!
During the Live Show, we had a lot of exciting announcements about what we’ll be bringing you, the student, in the first quarter of 2016. So just what is new this quarter at the Linux Academy?

New Staff! (0:40)

To begin, we were pleased to announce our newest full-time Linux Academy instructors: Danny, the go-to guy for team accounts; Christophe, our new instructor/developer combo and host of the popular Scale Your Code podcast, and Elle (that’s me!), technical writer and lab guide wrangler. Instructor Terry, who you’ve seen teach many of our DevOps courses, is now also a full-time employee. This means that Linux Academy’s team has almost doubled in size! We’re all excited to work on bringing you the best content we can provide, and we’ll be available during common business hours (and often long after) to answer your questions and concerns.

Updates Overview (5:52)

Recent updates to the Linux Academy include our release of Professional Development certificates — halfway between a practice exam, and certification are our Professional Development certificates. These are graded, online exams taken with a voucher, which test you on real-world knowledge in a mimicked real-world environment. Companies can also work with us to set up certificates particular to their business’s needs. Interested in taking one? Don’t forget the “Refer a friend!” button — if your friend signs up, you both get vouchers to take a Professional Development exam.
Self-Paces Labs are now being updated to include a newer, easier-to-follow PDF format, and videos to watch and practice alongside.
Our HTML 5 video player has been released, featuring speed controls. This can be changed in your profile settings. Please note that this system is still in beta.
For those of you taking the AWS CSA – Professional course, the final labs and videos are being uploaded, and the course should be complete within the week.

Linux Academy at SCALE (10:45)

This week, Linux Academy will be heading to the SCALE conference. Come talk to Anthony, Terry, Danny, and Christophe, get some Pinehead Penguin swag, and otherwise enjoy a weekend of Linux fun, learning, and excitement.  Use the code LINAD to get 40% off the entry fee. For more information on SCALE, view their website.

First Quarter Release Roadmap (14:50)



  • Red Hat Certified Systems Engineer; this will be available as it’s made — we know how much you want it!
  • Linux Foundation Certified Systems Administrator will be updated for fresh objectives present in the new exam (Feb 2)
  • Active Directory and AWS (Feb 1)
  • DynamoDB Development Deep Dive


  • OpenStack Foundation Certified OpenStack Administrator
  • AWS Development Fundamentals
  • Mobile Development with AWS
  • Azure Certification


  • Bash Scripting
  • Mastering KVM
  • … and more to come!


Linux Academy Enterprise

  • Management for teams over 100 members in size
  • Reporting at scale

Notification System

  • Notified when there are free vouchers or you are given vouchers
  • Notifications for community posts and replies
  • Notified when certificates are issued

 Cloud Cadet (32:22)

Linux Academy is starting a new endeavour, and it’s not just for students! Cloud Cadet is our new podcast, where we’ll be interviewing instructors about courses, providing how-tos and course overviews, and discussing hot topics within the cloud. For more information see our blog post announcement, and look for three new episodes released consecutively to get started!

New Courses (32:55)

Launched the day of the Live Show, these new courses are already here:

For more information about each course, see the blog post.

Android Mobile App (37:29)

Currently in development to be released early second quarter, the Android mobile app will feature:

  • Offline and online video viewing
  • Offline and online exercises
  • Offline and online practice exams
  • Plus, whatever features are included in the…

iOS Mobile App (39:09)

Available February 1st from the app store, the iOS mobile app will feature:

  • Offline and online video viewing
  • Offline and online exercises
  • Offline and online practice exams

More information, screenshots, and other details can be found on the blog post announcement.


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