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Linux Academy introduces Microsoft Azure Essentials

Posted on June 21, 2016 by Stephen SmithStephen Smith

This week we released the first course for our Microsoft Azure cloud training. This is an introductory course for learning about the basic concepts of Microsoft Azure, what it can do for us and how to get started. This course is the first of what we hope to be many Azure training courses, due to popular demand from our users.
So what is Azure anyway? Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure created by Microsoft for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. Simply put, if you are familiar with Amazon Web Services, Azure is Microsoft’s cloud services offering. Depending on your business needs, for a public cloud or hybrid cloud, there are many reasons your organization may be using one over the other. (And as a fun side note: You can absolutely run your Linux application workloads and Linux distributions within Azure too!)
This course starts out covering what the cloud is and how Azure fits into both the Platform as a Service (PaaS) andInfrastructure as a Service (IAAS) models. We then begin by explaining how to create websites using Azure Web Apps. We move through the portion on using Azure virtual machines and why you may want to develop your cloud applications on virtual machines instead of managed cloud services, and what scenarios you may wish to manage your entire stack this way instead.
We then move on throughout the course learning about the core features of Microsoft Azure in storage, virtual networks, databases, and Microsoft Managed Active Directory. This course does not need any previous experience in using Microsoft Azure and is meant for first-time users. This is a fantastic starting point for those looking to get certification based training on Azure and need a place to start.
What to expect next? In the coming several months we will be working on bringing Azure certification-based training to the Linux Academy! We have planned both the 70-532 and 70-533. By getting the 70-533 along with the (LFCSA) Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator you be officially certified as an MCSA: Linux on Azure specialist.


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