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Linux Academy Fall Enterprise Update!

Posted on October 3, 2018 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

Linux Academy is the leading Linux and cloud training provider for thousands of enterprise companies, including 17 of the Top 20 managed service providers. Our robust library of training videos and hands-on Learning Activities has helped organizations around the world onboard new employees, train existing staff, and transform into leading businesses that deliver digital innovation to their clients.
We’re continuously pushing the boundaries of online learning to support teams in their mission to learn and grow. Our goal is to set your business up for success with effective training tools that let your team learn the way they learn best.
I’m excited to announce that this fall, we’re releasing a brand-new set of features designed specifically for our enterprise customers and teams. After listening to feedback from our enterprise clients, we’ve come up with new tools and features that empower your team to learn the skills they need faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Click here to download our For Business Overview brochure to see how our new features can help your team gain the skills they need.

New Enterprise Team Management Platform

To help our customers manage their teams more effectively, we’ve rebuilt our enterprise team management platform from the ground up. The new platform features a completely redesigned dashboard and helpful new tools and features that enhance your team’s learning experience.
Here are a few of the new platform features launching this fall:
  • Enhanced multi-team management tools for large-scale organizations
  • Improved Learning Path functionality, including the ability to add lessons and challenges to custom Learning Paths
  • LMS integration with Degreed, with additional LMS support coming in 2019
  • Content API for accessing Linux Academy content from within your own custom LMS
  • Expanded reporting functionality that provides detailed analytics on your team’s content consumption and course completion statistics
  • SSO SAML support

Instant Terminal

Hands-on IT training often requires students to download a terminal and connect to instances on port 22. However, many corporate networks automatically block port 22 and limit downloads for security reasons. To solve this problem, we’re launching a new web-based terminal that instantly loads with all Linux Academy Learning Activities. With this feature, your team can instantly connect to training instances without exposing port 22 on your corporate network — no downloads or plugins required.
Instant Terminal at Linux Academy

Cloud Playground

Over the past year, we’ve learned that one of the biggest challenges our enterprise customers have is providing their teams with custom cloud training environments without increasing costs. That’s why we created Cloud Playground, our newest enterprise training product. Cloud Playground enables your team to spin up sandbox AWS, Azure, and (soon) Google Cloud environments right inside the Linux Academy platform. With Cloud Playground, your team can learn and practice new skills in authentic, custom cloud environments at no additional cost to your organization.
Cloud Playground at Linux Academy
Cloud Playground requires absolutely no downloads, and it includes built-in, web-based SSH terminals that work on port 443, so there’s no need to expose port 22 on your network. All of these features ensure that your team’s hands-on cloud learning environments are secure, cost-effective, and hassle-free.

Community Groups

At Linux Academy, we believe in the strength of community, and we want to give our customers even more ways to connect and learn together. This fall, we’re revamping the Linux Academy community with community groups.
This new feature gives your enterprise team two new ways to connect and learn. First, your team members can join open Linux Academy community groups to interact and study with Linux Academy students from around the world.
Linux Academy community groups
Your staff can also create private Linux Academy community groups specifically for your organization. Whether your company is on-site or distributed (or both), your team can use this new feature to create private study groups and learn new skills together, even across geographic regions and time zones.

Instant Labs

Hands-on practice in real cloud environments is the most effective way to train professional IT staff. However, even pre-configured, auto-provisioned lab environments can take between 5 and 15 minutes to launch, and that means a lot of wait time for students.
We are thrilled to announce that Instant Labs are now available for almost all of our Learning Activities. Now when you click “Start,” these Learning Activities will launch immediately with zero wait time, allowing your team to access a safe, hands-on practice environment instantly. We’re delighted to offer an on-demand learning environment that gives your team more time to learn so they can build the skills they need faster.

New Content Launches

The enterprise technology stack is changing. Today, the need for quick, secure, cost-effective deployments has brought the cloud and Kubernetes to the forefront of the IT industry. At Linux Academy, our content reflects the ever-changing needs of the modern tech stack so your organization can stay ahead of the curve. In addition to keeping our existing content up to date, we launch new high-quality courses and training tools every 3-4 months. This year, we have launched over 200 new training resources every quarter, and our commitment to releasing new content is only increasing. We’ll be scaling up our content offerings for Containers, Security, Azure, AWS, DevOps, and more in 2019.

Gems for Swag

We’re committed to creating engaging learning content that sets your team up for success. As part of this commitment, we have implemented new gamification features that reward student learning and engagement, and we will be rolling out more in 2019. When students train at Linux Academy, they earn a currency called gems. The more Learning Activities they complete, the more gems they earn. Now, students can use these gems to purchase Linux Academy merchandise and select certification exam vouchers. By enabling students to earn rewards as they learn, we’re encouraging students to stay engaged with their courses and achieve their training goals faster. The “Gems for Swag” program is included with your enterprise membership at no additional cost.

Improved Content Discovery & Navigation System

Linux Academy is home to the best Linux and cloud training content around, and we want to make sure your team always finds what they’re looking for. Our new content discovery and navigation system organizes our entire content library visually, making it easy for your team to find and explore the content relevant to your organization’s needs.


Over the past year, we’ve been hard at work building innovative new products and content to help your team keep pace with the latest developments in Linux and cloud technologies. And we’re just getting started. The value you receive for your enterprise membership will only increase as we launch new training content and feature enhancements over the next few months and into 2019.
As always, we’re dedicated to providing the best IT training tools available to help take your team to the next level. We’re excited to share our newest enterprise features with you and look forward to hearing your feedback!
Ready to get our new enterprise training tools for your team? Click here to get in touch or connect us with your organization.

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Image of Ben Dyson
Ben Dyson
2 years ago

When is the next big content release?

Image of Christophe
2 years ago

The next big content release is happening in November 🙂

Image of Keifer
2 years ago

The Cloud Playground and Instant Terminal features sound awesome! Do we know when those are going to be released to Enterprise users?

Image of Olivia
2 years ago

Hi there, these features have been released! Check them out and let us know what you think 🙂

Image of awake
2 years ago

Does enterprise update mean those with individual accounts don’t get benefits?

Image of Anthony James Founder/CEO
Anthony James Founder/CEO
2 years ago

The enterprise dashboard is only for team accounts. However, all the other features like instant labs, cloud playground, instant labs and the other ones are included for individuals as well!

Image of Salsaprime
2 years ago

Any reason individual accounts can’t create custom learning paths? I’m not a fan of using the Course Scheduler interface for this.

Image of Winnie
12 months ago

Hi, creating a custom Learning Path is only a feature for business accounts at this time, but we’re always listening and looking for feedback from our students to improve the learning experience at Linux Academy. You can add your site feature idea here for our team to review:


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