Microsoft Azure Plans for 2018

We are going to be honest, sometimes creating training is hard. Sometimes getting the right people in place to create the high-quality training that you, our students, expect is even harder. We have had more ups and downs with our Microsoft Azure content than perhaps any other domain in our offering, and there are a number of reasons for that, though we won’t spend a lot of time belaboring them.

The bottom line is we have righted the ship. First, I want to introduce our newest Microsoft Azure Course Author, Michael Heydt. Michael comes to us with a plethora of experience from a career in Information Technology, concentrating on Microsoft’s offerings over the most recent years. In addition to his expertise in working with Microsoft Azure, Michael has an in-depth background in software development using ASP.NET, C#, and C++ that serves to make him an extremely well-rounded professional. He has obtained more than 10 Microsoft Certifications (MCSA, MCSD Azure Solutions Architect, MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, among many others) and is currently working to prepare the Microsoft Azure Exam 70-532 (Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions). This is a HUGE course, and we expect to launch it at the end of the 2nd Quarter here in 2018.

We are still working to scale our team to refresh the other exams, as well as to provide the width and depth of content you have come to expect out of Linux Academy in any domain we cover. We have four open Course Author positions right now and some good candidates we are talking to. If anyone in our community knows certified Microsoft Azure engineers, consultants, or (better) instructors, working at Linux Academy might be the best gift you could ever give them. Have them reach out to us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or right here in our community, and we would be glad to talk to them.

We have lofty goals for 2018 regarding our Azure content. We will be refreshing all of the certifications that we currently offer preparation on and will be building additional ‘Deep Dive’ content based on the platform. These courses are BIG, and because of the nature of what we are teaching, the preparation and production takes a long time (longer than we would like, but it has to be of the highest quality to make it here). Provided we can continue to scale the team in the coming weeks, we will be able to do more content more quickly. Our promise to you is that we will continue to support Microsoft Azure and we will continue with the quality and detail we hold ourselves to, and you have come to expect from us. We thank you for your patience and loyalty to Linux Academy and we look forward to working to provide you the best training you can find for years to come!

January Hands-On Training Content Launch

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