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Learn Google Cloud by Doing with New Google Cloud Training!

Posted on April 9, 2019 by OliviaOlivia

Ready to learn Google Cloud by doing? From new courses to new labs, we have a ton of exciting new Google Cloud updates at Linux Academy (where you can get the most Google Cloud training on this planet!).

With engaging features like Cloud Playground, Interactive Diagrams, Hands-On Labs in live cloud environments, customizable flashcards, study groups, direct access to our expert Training Architects, downloadable Course videos, and more, Linux Academy has the highest quality and quantity of Google Cloud training.

Our numerous hands-on training tools allow you to learn by doing and solidify your skills through real-world experience!

Google Cloud Sandboxes

Practice what you’re learning by spinning up live environments within Linux Academy! You can now spin up live Google Cloud Sandboxes in our Cloud Playground! We provide you with the log-in credentials for risk-free learning. No additional costs, compliance, downloads, or management is needed, everything is securely located on Linux Academy.

In Cloud Playground, you can use hands-on virtual machines, instant terminals, or our Cloud Sandboxes to safely learn, build, and break whatever you like. Spin up Google Cloud environments in seconds and safely test or play with new features in an environment!

Google Cloud Labs

We released 30+ Google Cloud Hands-On Labs in March and can’t wait to bring you more!

We provide you with log-in credentials to access live Google Cloud Environments, on-demand. You can follow alongside the training content and practice what you’re learning for real-world, hands-on experience.

Google Cloud Hands-On Labs:

  1. Monitoring VMs with Stackdriver
  2. Working with Custom Images on Google Compute Engine
  3. Deploying an App Engine Application
  4. Utilizing Google Cloud Pub/Sub
  5. Working with Disks on Google Compute Engine
  6. Establishing a CI/CD Pipeline with Google Cloud
  7. Setting up for Google Cloud Spanner
  8. Creating Firewall Rules on a Google Cloud VPC Network
  9. Working with Data in Google Cloud SQL
  10. Connecting Networks with Google Cloud VPN using Cloud Router (Dynamic Routes)
  11. Integrating Google Cloud Functions
  12. Understanding Service Accounts and Scopes on Google Compute Engine
  13. Deploying to a Google Kubernetes Engine Cluster
  14. Object Versioning in Google Cloud Storage
  15. Connecting Networks with Google Cloud VPN using Static Routes
  16. Migrating Source Code to a Google Cloud Source Repository
  17. Deploying to Google Cloud App Engine
  18. View Sample Billing Data with BigQuery
  19. Setting Up a Google Cloud Development Environment
  20. Deploying to Google Compute Engine
  21. Create a Custom Mode VPC Network on Google Cloud Platform
  22. Working with Google Cloud Storage
  23. Deploying Resources with Google Cloud Deployment Manager
  24. Connecting to Cloud Bigtable with HBase Shell
  25. Connecting to Cloud Bigtable with cbt
  26. Using Startup Scripts on Google Compute Engine
  27. Managing Google Cloud SQL Instances
  28. Setting Cloud Storage Lifecycle Rules
  29. Working with Snapshots on Google Compute Engine
  30. Triggering a Cloud Function with Cloud Pub/Sub
  31. Working with Compute Engine Windows

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New Google Cloud Courses

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer

Get prepared for the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer Certification! This course covers all course objectives that have been published by Google as an outline for preparation for the exam. You’ll get hands-on walkthroughs and labs that will help reinforce the concepts that we present in this course.

Who should take this course:

You should have a couple of years of development experience as this course does not cover development basics, and you should be interested in developing applications for Google Cloud!

Get Google Cloud Certified!

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Get prepared to take and pass the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification. Gain real-world experience through a multi-faceted approach to preparation with a broad range of lessons, hands-on demonstrations, lab environments, and practice questions.

Who should take this course:
You should have prior Google Cloud experience, as this is a difficult professional level exam.

Learn more about this course!

Ready to learn Google Cloud by doing? Start your 7-day free trial or check out Linux Academy for Business and see how you can upskill your team in Google Cloud today!


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