UPDATE MAY 2018: Thanks to everybody for joining us in the celebration – we hope ya’ll received your swag packs! Congrats to all of you for winning. We’re going to be launching 150+ Courses and Hands-On Labs in July so stay tuned for another month of celebrations, giveaways, and more!

We’ve been receiving many course requests from our students, and we’ve been working hard to answer all of them. While we can’t get to all of them just yet, we’ll start by launching over 70 new Courses and Hands-On Labs for you! *happy dance*

Several times in April, we’ll also be live streaming on YouTube about the latest Course launches and Hands-On Labs. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to interact and engage with our team. Who knows, Course Authors, celebrities, or even I may be making an appearance!

We’ll be launching:
  • 20 new courses (some refreshes)
  • Hands-On Labs

I’m also very pleased to inform you that the new labs that we’ll be launching this April will be utilizing our new REAL-time grader platform! We’re taking learn-by-doing to a whole new level so if you’ve been enjoying our current Hands-On Labs, this is something you’ll want to really get your hands on! (you see what I did there?)

As you’re going through these new labs, you’ll be able to see your progress in real time, get graded as you go, and receive tailored instructions or hints for how to go about completing the lab.

Additionally, our new quizzes and practice exams (launched after April 1st) will also be utilizing our brand new (literally completed today) Practice Exams system – V1.0!

Our team has been working hard to create these new courses and features, so we can’t wait for all of you to start digging in. We’re so excited to bring you along with us on this journey in April and equipping you with the latest and greatest. YOU are our inspiration, and our team can’t thank you enough for all of your recommendations, suggestions, and feedback. Thank you for being a part of the family, and we can’t wait to continue this journey with you. Be on the lookout – we’ve got a lot in store for 2018!

Are you most excited for new Courses or Hands-On Labs?

Don’t forget to follow us on social media and check back here for the latest course updates. We’ll see you around soon!



In addition to our current features including 6 Cloud Servers for you to spin up and Hands-On Labs for you to gain real-world skills through taking actions in live environments, we’ve got some great Linux Academy content and features (like the new Practice Exams system) coming for you in 2018 that we can’t wait to share with you. Thank you for using Linux Academy and thank you so much for your amazing feedback so far – please keep them coming!

It’s a great time to get started on your training! If you’re not already training with us, we’ve got a 7-days free trial that gets you access to all of our platforms — Linux Academy. We hope to see you on the other side!

Livestream On-Demand

EP 1 – Mon, April 2 – Quick Tour of Linux Academy office in Keller, TX with Anthony James
EP 2 – Tues, April 3 – Introducing: Google Cloud Security Essentials & New Practice Exams System
EP 3 – Wed, April 4 – Introducing: Google App Engine Deep Dive with interactive diagrams
EP 4 – Thurs, April 5 – Introducing: AWS IAM Deep Dive & AWS Security discussion
EP 5 – Fri, April 6 – Introducing: Building a Serverless Chatbot with AWS Lex ; Scale Your Code Episodes Coming!

EP 6 – Mon, April 9 – Introducing: Deploy and Manage OpenStack on Ubuntu – Pike & State of OpenStack
EP 7 – Tues, April 10 – Introducing: DevOps Essentials & Careers in DevOps
EP 8 – Wed, April 11 – Introducing: 2 AWS CSA Challenges
EP 9 – Thurs, April 12 – Introducing: New AWS Security Basics Quest

EP 10 – Mon, April 23 – Introducing: Mastering Systemd, Cloud Foundry Certified Developer, & Elastic Stack Essentials

EP 11 – Wed, April 25 – Introducing: NGINX Web Server Deep Dive, Source Control With Git, & Using Salt for Configuration Management and Orchestration

EP 12 – Mon, April 30 – Introducing: Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (V3.18), Red Hat Certified Specialist in Platform-as-a-Service Exam (EX280) Prep Course (OpenShift), CoreOS Essentials, Deploying to AWS with Ansible and Terraform, Managing Applications and Infrastructure with Terraform, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate (Rebuild), AWS Learn By Doing


New Courses:

Tues, April 3 – Fully grasp Google Cloud Security Essentials concepts through our new course packed with 6 quizzes to really test your knowledge

Wed, April 4 – Complete with 9 quizzes, learn and understand how to manage and build an app with Google App Engine Deep Dive.

Thurs, April 5 – Explore AWS IAM Deep Dive through our Hands-On Labs that focuses on user and group management, as well as assigning access to specific resources using IAM managed policies.

Fri, April 6 – Utilizing a live AWS environment through our Hands-On Labs, learn how to create the fulfillment and validation lambda functions to Build a Serverless Chatbot with AWS Lex that can integrate with Slack.

Mon, April 9 –  Deploy and Manage OpenStack on Ubuntu – Pike contains 3 Hands-On Labs to master the skills of: using the CLI, setting ACLs in Swift, and managing policies!

Tues, April 10 – DevOps Essentials with a Hands-On Lab where you’ll create a DevOps pipeline all the way from making a code change to deploying that change to a production environment.

Wed, April 11 – 2 new Hands-On Labs Content & Media Delivery and EFS Storage Solutions


Thurs, April 12 – Test your skills in VPC network security, encryption, S3 best practices, and more as you configure Travel Salmon’s infrastructure security in the latest AWS Security Basics Quest

Mon, April 23 – Develop your skills in: working with wervices in Systemd – Start/Stop/Restart/Status, changing the default target of a system, creating a Systemd compatible CentOS 7 container and creating a Systemd compatible Debian container in Mastering Systemd

Deploy your apps to Cloud Foundry and connect backing services like MySQL, MongoDB and Memcache to it in Cloud Foundry Certified Developer (complete with 19 Hands-On Labs)

Create a log aggregation pipeline for the system authentication and syslog log files on a Linux/Unix system to collect and store usage data in Elastic Stack Essentials

Prepare for your career in system administration through the 15 hands-on labs in Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (v3.18) where you’ll get hands-on experience in: managing file attributes & permissions, installing and managing packages on different systems, deploying a web server with vHost, generating & exchanging SSH keys for secure access, creating users & groups, and more!

Get in-depth training on managing & using Red Hat OpenShift Container platform in 10 hands-on OpenShift Hands-On Labs with Red Hat Certified in Platform-as-a-Service Exam Prep Course

& follow along with a pre-configured environment to learn how CoreOS is used for container implementations & clustering in CoreOS Essentials 

Get a hands-on introduction to deploying an actual infrastructure to AWS using Terraform and Ansible where you’ll get to create your own blog in Deploying to AWS with Ansible and Terraform

Understand the basics of Terraform functions & parameters that will allow you to create masterful deployments capable of utilizing the benefits of Infrastructure as Code in Managing Applications and Infrastructure with Terraform

Administer applications on AWS from an operations viewpoint based on information from monitoring, auditing, and gathering performance feedback in AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate to get your certification!

Completely immerse yourself in the world of AWS through 29 Hands-On Labs to become an AWS master while gaining actual skills in AWS Learn by Doing

Here’s the list of all the hands-on content we released in April!

January Hands-On Training Content Launch

76 responses to “Launching 70+ New Courses/Hands-On Labs in April!”

  1. Santosh Shanbhag says:

    What exactly are you launching? I am unable to find any details. The details would be nice instead of teasers.

  2. Chintamani says:

    Anything on Hadoop ?

  3. Maurizio Ferrero says:

    I hope that DevOps LPCI certification will be among the courses you are going to launch

  4. algambra says:

    Artifactory/Nexus etc.?

  5. Pradeep says:

    Hi Anything on extending chef ?

  6. Narendra says:

    Expecting Openshift

  7. Rameshkumar says:

    Any new course for Ansible ?

  8. Andrii says:

    Hi guys,

    You have DevOps section but here nothing about monitoring and logging. Something about tools like riemann , monit, prometeus, elk etc. Also would like to learn more about tools like Consul, Vault (very interesting to see some practical tasks). Also good to have some courses about messaging systems like rabbit, activeMQ.

  9. shiv says:

    Course on ELK

  10. Jiyaad says:

    hadoop please

  11. Chris says:

    Openshift would be great.

  12. Amit Sharma says:

    I would very much like to see some courses on Cloud Security, like CCSK.
    Still, updates for some of the courses were long overdue. I hope those will be on the list for sure.
    Thanks for the update.

  13. Srinivasa Reddy says:

    Could you please add courses for Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

  14. Torilla tavataan says:

    Stop teasing and give us the details 😉

  15. dawiss says:

    I hope for more Linux on Linux Academy, lack of sed, awk scripting , apache2 .

  16. Rajesh Butpur says:

    are you playing April fool ? 🙂

    • Winnie says:

      We are really launching 70+ Courses, Challenges, and Learning Activities throughout April – keep up with us on social media for the latest updates. We’ll even be live streaming some of the content announcements!

  17. Tibor says:

    I would really like to see a new detailed course “VMware Cloud on AWS” with hands on lab

  18. Stephen Jesu Raj.C says:

    Expecting Cost management in AWS and deep dive in EC2 System manager or more topics such as Lambda

  19. Ben says:

    JBoss EAP please! 🙂

  20. Protozaur says:

    DevOps from scratch (refreshers always good)

  21. Rizwan says:

    Red Hat Openstack EX-200

  22. Ajay says:

    More hands-on live labs on AWS would be great.

    • Winnie says:

      We completely agree and love this idea 😉 Stay tuned throughout the month to find out more – we’ve even got live streaming on the calendar!

  23. Mary says:

    Python python python

  24. Husain Al Yusuf says:

    what about the AWS CSA Pro course ?

  25. Fabian Varela says:

    Hello, I have a question, when you can update the content for the Azure certification, because the 70-535 exam is not there, thanks

  26. Shanmug says:

    Will splunk administration course will be added in the new courses list?

  27. Jwalit says:

    Anything. New coming for good cloud plateform ?

    • Winnie says:

      We think you may be on to something 😉 Stay tuned and follow us on social media for some live announcements – we can’t wait to share the news with you!

  28. Tomasz P says:

    I hope you’re updating the Azure content?!?

  29. Joe says:

    Any courses on security?

    • Winnie says:

      We like this idea a lot.. stay tuned to find out! We’ll be livestreaming our first content release in 12 hours!

  30. kumar says:

    kubernetes cluster with kops and deploying application with helm charts

  31. murali k says:

    Than New Courses, I suggest to refresh the courses regularly to catch with new features/versions.

  32. Yves says:

    Sorry, I came here to see what new content you have, besides looking at the most strangest cubicles I have ever seen I can’t find anything?

    Just tell us what you have, why is this so difficult? We’re not 12 year olds you know.

  33. RP says:

    for a paid customer, i am finding it quite frustrating getting a teaser of 70courses every other day and not having any visibility of the content. why can’t we just announce it to the paid customers at-least if not public as i can understand you want to drum up new interest/signups.

  34. Sultan says:

    Postgresql 10 please ☺

    • Winnie says:

      We can’t tell you more except this, but thank you for your request in the meantime and we hope you’ll tune in LIVE this month to catch the latest content with us!

  35. Amit says:

    It looks like Azure 70-533 training is older now. MS has launched new 2nd edition book along with revise course. Yours is still Nov, 2016.

  36. James Taylor says:

    How about some courses on mobile app development?

    • Winnie says:

      Great suggestions – we’re always listening! While we can’t promise everything, we hope you’ll tune in live with Anthony James to celebrate new content and engage with us throughout this month!

  37. Ali Fener says:

    Hashicorp Products? A full course for Terraform, Nomad?

    • Winnie says:

      Great suggestions – we’re always listening! While we can’t promise everything, we hope you’ll tune in live with us to get the latest announcements, as well as celebrate new content with us this month!

  38. Walid says:


    I’m looking for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (Developer) courses 🙂


  39. Maria Iano says:

    I really hope you are adding mojolicious courses!

  40. Leandro Lemos says:

    It could be really good to improve the excersises and hand-on labs, what I mean with this? The following, for example, when you are taking an on-site course for a certification of Red Hat, you have the possibility to “grade” the lab, so you, for example, run a script with the parameter grade, and this is going to check every step you did in the lab, and in that way you are going to have a feedback on what you did wrong or not, allowing in that way to improve.

    • Winnie says:

      We completely agree – Stay tuned throughout this month to hear more from us about how we’ve improved some of our features for you, we’re going LIVE soon!

  41. David D. says:

    I noticed that there is a course for “RHCE OpenStack”, but not one for RHCSA. Any chance that y’all are planning on releasing a study course for Red Hat EX210?

  42. The amount of material available on your website is pretty impressive. On the top of that the speed of adding new stuff is astonishing 🙂
    Definable a good place for anyone want to get their hands dirty with the new technology. Good Job!

    • Winnie says:

      Thanks for the kudos, Salman! We hope you enjoy the new content that we’re releasing.. stay tuned though, because we’ve got more coming your way! We hope you’ll continue to celebrate this amazing month with us!

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