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Linux Academy hosted a special meetup this past Thursday focused on Kubernetes in the Cloud. We had a great turnout, with around 20 people in attendance. Everyone came to the meetup hosted at Rackspace in San Antonio, ready to learn how to get up and running with this container orchestration tool called Kubernetes. In Linux Academy curriculum, we talk about Kubernetes and have a course specifically designed for passing the Kubernetes exam, simply called the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) course.
certified kubernetes CKA course

Of the twenty people there, only about two or three of them are using Kubernetes in production, so this talk was mostly introductory. We covered core concepts and the basic architecture of Kubernetes. But we also touched on and demonstrated how Kubernetes works within cloud platforms like AWS.
basic kubernetes architecture
Kubernetes is a fairly new technology. It arrived as more and more companies adopted containers while they built infrastructure in the cloud or on-premises. Kubernetes is open source and can be run almost anywhere. This makes the cloud a popular destination, due to its high availability and fault-tolerant nature.
We had a blast and really enjoyed seeing our fellow Linux Academy community members in person! If you’d like Linux Academy to visit one of your meetup groups, to talk about new and emerging technology, please contact us. We’d be happy to come and provide food, soft drinks, and lots of Pinehead swag! All of our social media links are down below.
See you all in the Community!
Chad Crowell


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