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Jupiter Broadcasting Joins Linux Academy

Posted on September 11, 2018 by ChrisFisherChrisFisher

We’re so excited to announce that we are joining the Linux Academy team!

Linux Academy and Jupiter Broadcasting share a mission to inspire people to follow their passion, learn, explore, and achieve their goals by acquiring new knowledge.

Jupiter Broadcasting has been creating the world’s favorite podcasts on Linux, open source, and free software since before they were even called podcasts.

By teaming up, we’re bringing together two industry-leading companies that develop and deliver the content that our community really wants. We have the opportunity to expand on what we do best and build a core team that will make a truly unique contribution to the community.

As part of Linux Academy, we’re going to do more than create better content. We’re going to contribute back.

We’ll start by open-sourcing our shows, our production pipeline, and any tools that we create to automate the process. We want to see even more great content get created, and we’re excited to help everyone get started.

We’ll be supporting other open-source content creators and developers in their mission to create new programs and content, and to grow their communities. There will be opportunities for direct sponsorship to help free software projects and content creators get up and running.

Our goal is to support the voices who contribute positively to the discourse, help build strong, productive communities, and contribute some of the best free software and open-source content back to the world.

With this investment in our team and community, there have already been major changes, and some of us are now able to live our dreams full-time. We will be working harder and happier than ever to bring you our full lineup of shows ad-free, as well as to re-launch audience favorites like User Error. Stay tuned!

“We are so proud to welcome the Jupiter Broadcasting team to Linux Academy. This merger has far-reaching benefits for our community, students, and employees as it allows us to unify and continue to enhance our open source contributions. In a world of digital transformation, it is important to recognize our community responsibilities. By bringing the two communities together, it will empower and enable both communities to achieve more in their paths to success, ” said Anthony James, Linux Academy founder and CEO.

Help us welcome Jupiter Broadcasting to the team, and check out some of Jupiter Broadcasting’s shows!


Image of Bill Peters
Bill Peters
2 years ago

Wow, I’m shocked, but really it makes sense. Congratulations to both! I’ve been a JB fan since just about the beginning and a Linux Academy fan for about 3-4 years, now my dual fandom is combined into a single company!

Image of rondity
2 years ago

Good idea

Image of Daniel
2 years ago

Say What! This is Awesome! Chris and the JBL is how I was introduced to Linux Academy. This merger makes a lot of sense. Congrats JBL gang and Linux Academy!

Image of Daniel
2 years ago

I heard about this on Linux Unplugged before work last week and was so excited.
LA and JB have amazing content and I look forward to seeinh you both grow!

Image of Leandro Quibem Magnabosco
Leandro Quibem Magnabosco
2 years ago

That’s freaking awesome!!
I love JB and, as a long time listener of most of their shows, I have to say that it makes complete sense to join the efforts.
Both teams are passionate about Linux, Open Source, and Technology in general.
The synergy is incredible! 🙂

Image of Patrick
2 years ago

This is great! Learned about LA from JB/Chris, the merger seems like a really good thing.
Looking forward to more great content!

Image of Jamil
2 years ago


Image of Peter
2 years ago

Good news. I listen to late night Linux, who in turn put me onto Linux action news. Where I learnt abour Linux academy.

Image of Pierre Filiatreault
Pierre Filiatreault
2 years ago

I was wondering if the cancellation of JB’s political news podcast (unfilter) was related to this transaction. If so, there was no need to hide it, on the contrary. Now I feel lied to. But I could be wrong.

Image of ChrisFisher
2 years ago

Hey Pierre,
It’s related in such that, it gave me the freedom to not need to work two jobs, and afford to focus on Linux and OSS content.

Image of Brian McDowell
Brian McDowell
12 months ago

This is awesome. I found out about Linux Academy through Jupiter Broadcasting years ago. Love the shows.

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