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Introducing The Community Edition Content Filter

Posted on March 11, 2019 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

One of Linux Academy’s core values is to provide training to the community. Some of the ways we do this are through our 8 free podcast, our regular 300+ virtual study groups, and our Linux Academy Community Edition accounts. Community Edition accounts are membership accounts that are free and do not require billing information to get started. With a Community Edition account, you have access to all of our free content, including a multitude of videos and even a few hands-on labs!

With the thousands of videos, labs, and the hundreds of courses Linux Academy provides, it can be hard to find this free content. To fix this issue, I’m excited to announce that our Content Discovery page now includes a “Community Edition” filter. If you are a Community Edition user, and you select any of our ten content categories from our Training menu, the term “Community Edition” auto-selects, and quickly finds all of the courses you can interact with. You can de-select the filter at any time.

If you do decide to go browsing through our content without the filter, we created a couple of ways to tell what material is open to Community Edition members. The first is the green “Community Edition” label that appears on our content. The second way is to check a course’s syllabus. Ones open to Community Edition members say “Free”.

Earn Gems To Take Free Hands-On Labs!

While we do provide a few free hands-on labs to Community Edition members, Community Edition content is mostly videos, but we have other ways for Community Edition members to take our labs! Hands-on labs, which are fully included with a premium Linux Academy membership, can still be taken by Community Edition members by accumulating gems on the Community Edition platform. There are several ways to earn gems, and we plan to launch even more ways to help deliver “gems for learning” to all of our members in Q2.

Currently, to earn gems, you can:

  • Refer a friend
  • Connect your LinkedIn account
  • Take training material
  • Follow the Linux Academy Twitter to learn about giveaways
  • Interact with me, @anthonydjames, on Twitter when I do 250+ gems giveaways

We also award gems when people write testimonials about their experiences with Linux Academy on sites like Reddit, Quora, and Medium. Be sure to tweet at @linuxacademyCOM with a link to your testimonial to be eligible to earn gems!

Gems are also periodically awarded for learning, participating in the Linux Academy community forums, and more.

With enough gems, Community Edition members can take our hands-on labs, turning their hard work into new opportunities to learn. However, for quick learning, the ability to take unlimited labs, and have access to our instant labs and Cloud Playground, a full membership is required.

How to Sign Up for Community Edition

Want to try out our Community Edition for yourself? Head over to to signup. Or, if you signup through the main account portal, make sure to select the “Free” account option. If you do not, it will take you to a page that asks you to select which type of paid subscription you would like.

No matter which membership you choose, keep up your hard work, and happy learning.


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