Beginning today, Monday, November 6th, Linux Academy will offer a new user service with single sign-on capabilities


What does this mean for you?

You’ll have the option to connect to external accounts (including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Amazon) to sign in everywhere with a single set of credentials. We’ve all been frustrated by password management at one point or another, and single sign-on will help make your life a bit simpler.

What do you need to do?

If you haven’t logged into your account in the past 45 days, you’ll be required to reset your password due to this new login service.

What do you get with your Linux Academy account?

You’re probably familiar with all that Linux Academy has to offer. You’ll continue to get unlimited training with over 100 courses, thousands of hours of video content, and cloud servers so you can test your skills in the real world. Our learning engine grades your performance in real time and builds you a custom learning path to take, so that you don’t have to waste time re-learning concepts you already know.

What about the mobile apps?

All Android and iOS mobile app users will need to update their app to the latest version 2.4. After Monday, Nov 6, anyone using older versions of the app won’t be able to log in.

While we’re excited to continue delivering new features to our students. Some of those features, including better privacy and security for your account, require us to raise the minimum supported version of Android to KitKat (4.4).

The new single login service is just the latest improvement to our learning platform, and we’ve got a lot more great things coming soon.

We’re excited to see how single sign-on will help our students reach the next stage of their learning journeys, and can’t wait to hear about how it’s helping you on yours.

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