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Introducing Pipelines for Linux Academy Enterprise!

Posted on March 12, 2016 by DannyDanny

Linux Academy Enterprise just keeps getting better for teams!
To compliment the ability to create sub-teams that Linux Academy added in February 2016, Enterprise accounts now have the ability to create Training Pipelines for their users.  Think of Training Pipelines as a “custom syllabus” – a way to link courses, assessments and quizzes together and assign them to individuals or sub-teams within your organization.
Training Pipelines video available at the bottom of this post

Creating and Naming a Pipeline

You’ll notice a new tab on your Manage Team dashboard titled “Training Pipelines”.  This is where you will go to create, edit and assign a new Pipeline.
Once you click Create Pipeline, you will have to name it and give the Pipeline a short description.  You can create a Pipeline for each group of users you might have, or for different groups of training you might offer.  The choice is yours!

Building a Pipeline

Once you name and describe the pipeline, you can then build the content.  From here, you can select the entire catalog of Linux Academy courses, assessments and quizzes.  Don’t worry, you can still move them around and delete them after you’ve selected them.
When choosing a course, assessment or quiz, you first have to choose whether it is a Linux, AWS, OpenStack or DevOps track.  Once that is selected, you can find the specific course and add it to the Pipeline.
After you’ve selected a few courses, assessments and modules, your Pipeline should look something like this:

Moving and Deleting Pieces of a Pipeline

Don’t worry!  If you want to change the order of the content, you can click the three bars on the left side and drag the module to where you want it.
If you want to remove an item from a Pipeline, first hover your cursor over the title of the piece you’d like to remove.  A trashcan icon will appear to the right of the title.  Clicking the trashcan will delete the item.

Assigning the Pipeline

After you are comfortable with the Pipeline you’ve created, you can now assign it.  A pipeline can be assigned to individual users, or to an entire sub-team.
To assign a Pipeline to individual users, click the Assign Members tab.
From here you can then select the box next to each user you’d like to assign this Pipeline to.
You can also just assign a Pipeline to an entire sub-team.  This is useful if your teams are arranged by skill level or knowledge base and you are creating specific Pipelines for each.
To do this, click the Assign Teams button and choose which team you’d like to assign the Pipeline to.

Using a Pipeline as a Student

Once a student is assigned a Pipeline, a new area will appear on their dashboard.  This will provide them with a link to the next course/assessment/quiz they would need to work on according to the Pipeline you laid out.  Once they complete a section, this will automatically update to the next course/assessment/quiz on the list.
Enjoy our new Pipeline feature, and be on the lookout for future updates to Linux Academy Enterprise!


Image of Gokhan Dedeoglu
Gokhan Dedeoglu
4 years ago

It’s a good feature. But as an individual user, I would like to take advantage of it. Maybe, you should add some course paths.

Image of jeremy
4 years ago

Is there a way to add a specific lab to the pipeline?
Something like:

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