Linux Academy and Cybrary survey 6,000 IT professionals on experiences with micro certification. Results offer insight into learning preferences, certification in the workforce, training costs, and trends.


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5 responses to “Insights and Trends on Micro Certifications”

  1. doublenns says:

    What is a Micro Certification? What is an example of one?

    • E says:

      A Micro Certification is just a cert regarding only one small topic. For example, how to do subnetting. Or what is TCP/IP. It’s like watching a bunch of youtube videos and then doing a test at the end of it. For some people it’s great for others its pretty dumb. Myself, I find its good for my personal interests, and if someone out there thinks its legit enough to hire me for it… well then bonus!

  2. […] to a recent survey of more than 6,000 IT professionals by Linux Academy, the average person takes weeks or even months to get up to speed on a new […]

  3. Oriana says:

    Aside from Linux Academy and Cybrary, what are some reputable sources of microcertifications?

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