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One of our Training Architects set a goal to climb some of the famous mountains in the Alps on a bicycle. After a series of injuries, including a broken toe, a separated shoulder, and a broken tailbone (it hurt as bad as it sounds for two years!), he needed to set a lofty goal for motivation to recover from those injuries. We all set lofty goals at Linux Academy and we encourage our students to set lofty goals (and we help them along the way). Climbing up the Alps on a bicycle was the loftiest goal he could think of to achieve. He had some experience as a cyclist, but it was several years and several injuries ago. Basically, it was a goal that took a year to achieve. Much planning and training went into climbing up the Alps. It took setting a training schedule and sticking to it. It took a great amount of dedication. But in the end, he achieved his goal, and with it, memories that will last a lifetime.
The Training Architect prefers to remain nameless. Why? Because it’s not about him, it’s about you. The title of the article is a great question to ask yourself. How high can you climb in a year? And hey, if you want to climb the Alps on a bike, go for it! But more to the point of what we do at Linux Academy, how high can you climb in a year in your career? What do you want to do in your career? Where do you want to be in a year? The good news is, we are here to help. It is our passion at Linux Academy to help you. It is our mission! So let’s climb that mountain together.
How do you get there? Well first, let’s chart a path. Do you want to attain AWS certifications to open up opportunities for your career? Google Cloud? Azure maybe? We have it all. Come on in and let us coach you along the way. We will help you meet your goals and help you enjoy the journey along the way. Maybe you’re interested in DevOps? Docker? Kubernetes? Python? Linux? Security? OpenStack? Big Data? Check, check, check, and check! We have it all. Whatever course you want to chart in your technical career, we can help you get there. Chart your course, set your goals, and stick to the plan! How far can you climb in a year? Only you know that. But you won’t be alone in your journey. We’re here to help.
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Have you started your 7-day free trial with us? What do you get? Everything! Our whole, huge catalog of courses. Chart your course! How far can you get in a year? The view may be amazing when you look back on your accomplishments!

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