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On this day nine years ago, Chef was born — and the world was never the same. Happy Birthday, Chef!

With Chef, you can automate the way your infrastructure is configured, deployed, and managed. When you’re operating with a single machine, configuration management can be fairly simple. But what happens when your organization scales up? That’s where Chef comes in and saves the day — and a whole lot more.

Chef ensures your configurations are standardized and continuously enforced in every environment and at any scale. It allows your infrastructure configurations to be testable, portable, and auditable, saving your organization time and monetary resources. You could say Chef is a superhero with all the saving it does.

So, what’s Chef’s superpower?

Infrastructure as Code

Chef takes the process of software deployment and turns it into code or a “recipe” you can easily follow. Infrastructure as Code is important and brings several benefits to an organization:

  • Lowers costs by reducing the human time required to provision and manage infrastructure. One person or a small team can manage a very large infrastructure with a lot of confidence when using infrastructure as code.
  • Improves speed by codifying infrastructure and provisioning, allowing the machine to run steps faster than a human can type.
  • Lowers risk of human error by eliminating the need to type instructions over and over again. Chef makes the process seamless and efficient.

Ready to make your life a whole lot easier with Chef, but don’t know where to start?

Linux Academy to the Rescue!

Linux Academy is an official training partner of Chef, and we have the high-quality, hands-on training you need to get started. Check out our Chef courses below.

basic chef fluency badge

Have more Chef questions? Join our community on Slack to engage with Linux Academy leadership, Training Architects, and other students in real-time! We would be glad to have you!


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