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We’re not sure if we mentioned this to you before, but we here at Linux Academy and Cloud Assessments really enjoy the holiday season. In fact, we don’t just enjoy it – we LOVE it. This trickles through the organization, and our CEO/Founder, Anthony James, is already thinking about December celebrations (is that Christmas music I hear? ? Feel free to message him about it, if you don’t believe me!).
We’re very excited about the upcoming months and thought, what better way than to share our excitement with the rest of the world? So, we are thrilled to be hosting a fun Linux Academy and Cloud Assessments pumpkin carving contest with all of you! ?

Show off and submit your pumpkin design to the Linux Academy/Cloud Assessments Pumpkin Carving Contest this year! We have some pretty competitive people on the team, so join us as we celebrate the festivities and show us your competitive side! We have a few prizes to giveaway, but the contest alone will be a lot of fun!
The 2017 Pumpkin Contest begins on October 10th 2017, pumpkin photo submissions end on October 29th 2017, and voting is on October 30th 2017. Winners will be announced October 31st.

We’ll have 3 winners, with 1 winner in each category:

  1. Best of Linux Academy/Cloud Assessments
  2. Most Creative
  3. Spookiest

Good luck! We’re so excited to be sharing this season with you and seeing all of your pumpkins come to life!


Image of grey
3 years ago

I was for my pumpkin yesterday, so soon I will send my pumpkin creature. 🙂

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