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With the huge amount of data floating around your business, what you do with it is vital to your continued success. Big data has become crucial in helping businesses make decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Check out our new Big Data Course, Hadoop Quick Start to help your team’s data transformation. This course comes with a Hands-On Lab and Interactive Diagram to help solidify your learning and give you real-world experience.

New Hands-On Big Data Training Course: Hadoop Quick Start

Hadoop Quick Start

Created by Myles Young

  • 2.3 Hours of Learning
  • 1 Hands-On Lab
  • 1 Interactive Diagram
  • 10 Flash Cards

Hadoop has become a staple technology in the big data industry by enabling the storage and analysis of datasets so big that it would be otherwise impossible with traditional data systems. In this course, you’ll jump right into deploying Hadoop, configuring HDFS, and executing MapReduce jobs.

Hands-On Lab in this Course:

Learn how to Deploy and Configure a Single-Node Hadoop Cluster and do it yourself! We provide you with the hands-on lab, a cloud server to log in to, as well as an architectural diagram to walk you through installing and configuring a single-node Hadoop cluster to perform language analysis.

Try it out yourself!


Image of Daniel G
Daniel G
10 months ago

More content about Hadoop and Big Data would be really helpful.
Keep it up LinuxAcademy. 🙂

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