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Ready for new Google Cloud training? We’re excited to get 2019 into full swing with so new hands-on training content for you to grow your skills. Adding to our extensive Google Cloud hands-on training library, we’ve already launched three new Google Cloud Courses today! (Did you know that we actually have the most Google Cloud hands-on training content on the planet?)
With engaging features like Cloud Servers and Consoles (coming soon!), Interactive Diagrams, Hands-On Labs in live cloud environments, customizable flashcards, study groups, direct access to our expert Training Architects, downloadable Course videos, and more, Linux Academy has the highest quality and quantity of Google Cloud training.
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New Hands-On Google Cloud Training Courses

Google Cloud Training - Cloud Concepts

Google Cloud Concepts

with Matt Ulasien

  • 1.25 Hours of Learning
  • 11 Course Videos
  • 19 Flash Cards

New to Google Cloud? Wondering what it is, what it offers, or how to use it? This course is for you. Get a simple, conceptual introduction to the concepts of Cloud Computing, Google Cloud Platform, and its core services. There are no technical explanations or definitions to memorize. This course is visual and strictly conceptual. Gain the foundational knowledge you need for moving forward to more advanced Google Cloud courses!
Learn the concepts.

Google Online Training - Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions Deep Dive

with Joseph Lowery

  • 5 Hours of Learning
  • 34 Course Videos
  • 30 Flash Cards
  • 1 Interactive Diagram

Google Cloud Functions is a serverless, event-driven, managed environment for building and connecting cloud services. It’s a code-centric platform where the functions you write can be triggered by an HTTP request or any number of other cloud events, both on and off Google Cloud. It’s a really solid solution for an ever-increasing number of use cases and an excellent thing to have in your cloud computing tool chest.
In this course, you’ll learn about:

  • Primary features and benefits of Google Cloud Functions, flexibility being one of the most compelling facets
  • What makes a Cloud Function work, including a full discussion of the different types of Cloud Functions along with their component aspects: events and triggers
  • Cloud Functions pricing
  • How to set up a proper development environment (whether you’re on a Mac, Windows, or Linux system) and getting your first function deployed right out of the gate
  • The particulars of coding functions, specifically in Python:
    • How to code for specific scenarios, like working with JSON variables, or particular situations like responding to a trigger from an app in another domain
  • Deploying Cloud Functions from a variety of sources, including repositories like Github
  • Several relevant testing strategies, with a look at implementing a CI/CD workflow using Cloud Functions
  • Different real-world scenarios

Engage with the course content visually through the Google Cloud Function Deep Dive Interactive Diagram accompanying this course!
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Google Online Training - Migrating-Databases-and-Virtual-Machines-to-Google-Cloud

Migrating Virtual Machines & Databases to Google Cloud

with Eric Frick

  • 1.75 Hours of Learning
  • 19 Course Videos
  • 33 Flash Cards

Learn everything about migrating virtual machines and databases to the Google Cloud Platform, from general techniques to various issues you might face, and much more!
In this course, you’ll learn about:

  • General cloud migration techniques and post-migration steps
  • Database migration and some of the issues that are involved when migrating an on-premises database to the cloud
  • Two major types of migrations, homogeneous and heterogeneous, and some of the issues that are unique to both of these types of migrations
  • Some of the performance considerations when migrating an on-premises database system to the cloud
  • The mechanics of migrating virtual machines to the Google Cloud Platform
  • The features that the Google Cloud Platform offers to support virtual machine migration
  • Two different migration examples of on-premises virtual machines to the Google Cloud Platform

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