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Getting Comfortable with PowerShell – A New Course Series By Linux Academy

Posted on December 22, 2016 by ShahanKarimShahanKarim

The world of IT has been moving towards a new direction. From cloud computing to advancements in big data analytics, administrative environments are becoming daunting daily tasks with increasingly complex challenges. One of the most profound changes occurring in 2016 is the business model approach Microsoft has taken with the open source community. With new leadership, Microsoft has adopted a less constrained engagement model and adapted to its userbase by allowing certain core proprietary technologies to be brought to the open source community. Fresh on the heels of the release of .NET to the open-source community, Microsoft announced it has launched PowerShell 6.0, aka PowerShell Core, to the open-source community and will be available on Linux and Mac clients alike.

So what does this mean for the average administrator – especially one who comes from a UNIX/Linux background? The first and foremost item is this will now introduce a cross-platform tool that can administrator numerous environments simultaneously.

PowerShell is a configuration management and task automation framework that consists of a command-line shell and associated scripting languages. The tool will allow an administrator to not only administer local network systems but also, for example, connect to various cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS to administer conjoined/hybrid environments with relative ease.

Here at Linux Academy, we are releasing a series of PowerShell courses that will increase in complexity and will demonstrate the unique capabilities this tool provides. Our first course in this foray is PowerShell Essentials, designed to provide a beginner student with essential knowledge needed to begin a journey with the open source version of PowerShell. We cover topics such as Core Theory, Administrative Manipulation, and extensibility, all while providing hands-on on examples to reinforce presented concepts.

With a robust set of features, cross-client platform compatability, vast amount of extensibility, and now the added power of the open source community, PowerShell is an interesting and possibly vital tool for modern day system administrators and developers.


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