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Cloud Cadet Episode 7: Serverless Architecture in action with Sander Nagtegaal Co-Founder of

Posted on April 15, 2016 by podcast motorpodcast motor

“We learned from previous startups… Because even as Teletext became a company, we learned from experience that one of the most important things if you launch a product that you’re still testing and not making money with, is for it to be cheap. If it’s cheap, you have a much longer runway and you can keep up with the competition much longer. The quickest way to let your startup fail is to spend too much money, too soon.” – Sander Nagtegaal, CTO at myTomorrows, co-founder of and Peecho

Welcome to episode seven of Cloud Cadet! Hosted by Anthony James, founder of Linux Academy, and Linux Academy instructor Christophe Limpalair, this episode features an interview with guest, Sander Nagtegaal.
The topic of the episode is serverless architectures. Christophe, our instructor, teaches serverless concepts on Linux Academy, including a course of AWS Lambda.
Sander is the co-founder and builder of several startups, including, which is described in detail on the podcast. He explains it as being a content management service based on Javascript, that is entirely serverless.
Today’s topics included:

  • Linux Academy’s definition of a serverless architecture
  • The best parts about Lambda, including it’s “on-demand” feature
  • Why it’s important to have a cheap product
  • Understanding the API gateway
  • The Lambda development process and how Sander was involved
  • Where to draw the line between using Lambda full time and as a supplement to EC2
  • The truth about the cloud concept and its relationship to Lambda
  • Why you need to stay on your toes when you’re working with AWS

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