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Cloud Cadet Episode 3: An Introduction to Lambda

Posted on January 27, 2016 by podcast motorpodcast motor

Welcome to episode three of the Cloud Cadet Podcast. Today we’re joined by our co-hosts, Terry Cox and Anthony James. They’ll be interviewing Linux Academy AWS instructor Christophe, who talks about the relatively new AWS service, Lambda.
Lambda is exciting; you can plug it into mobile and web applications, such as chats, games and more. The way it works is that it removed the need for servers, so you don’t have any of the security and update issues; it’s event-driven code execution. Christophe tells us what that means and how it works.
You can write Lambda functions that work similar cron jobs, called scheduled events, and you can use cron expressions for scheduled events so you can have them recur at certain times during the day, during the month or whenever it suits you best.
Today’s topics include:

  • An exclusive demo on AWS Lambda and how to get the most out of it
  • The push and pull models: what they are, how to set them up and how they compare
  • Using blueprints to speed up your development with Lambda
  • How to customize your slack with Lambda
  • The advantages of Grunt and how to setup Grunt AWS Lambda.
  • Stopping execution through .succeed or .fail

Christophe demonstrates how to receive things like Sack notifications using Lambda, and he’s not even going to use SNS — that’s the beauty of Lambda. He’ll be using a combination of AWS and the interface on his local machine to show you how you should do things to speed up your development.
He didn’t even set up anything in Amazon SNS. You can do everything locally and fake the event, but Lambda doesn’t know the difference. So that way, you have the ability to split the load between developers, and you just plug in when you’re done; it works like a charm. You’ll also find out where to get information on how billing for Lambda takes place in contrast to EC2 instance storage and those kinds of things.
On the same note, Christophe has his own course called “Lambda Deep Dive.” The course is live, and he’s got a couple of really cool examples he’s working on. Be sure to check it out.
It begins with a walkthrough of core concepts, event-driven fundamentals and understanding the differences between the push and pull models, the limitations of Lambda including some of its bugs. He guides you through setting everything up on the dashboard and the command line interface to give you better flexibility. Lastly, he goes through some real-life cases with different services that he’s excited to have you all see.
Christophe started with Linux Academy in January, and he focuses on AWS development and courses around it. Listen to find out more about the different courses you can look forward to, like using mobile applications, CodeDeploy and more!
We hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Cloud Cadet. Be sure to stay tuned for all-new episodes coming soon.


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