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Close the Tech Skills Gap by Learning In-Demand Tech Skills | Infographic

Posted on March 21, 2019 by OliviaOlivia

With in-demand tech skills being searched for every day across not only the tech industry but every industry, it’s the perfect time to develop your tech skills and fast-track your career!

Employers can’t find new candidates with the tech skills that they need, and 70% of executives say current employees lack the IT skills required for certain business projects. With the right tech skills and expertise, you can easily become sought-after top talent in the industry (and even land your dream role with a 6-figure salary)!

In the infographic below, find out the reasons behind the tech skills gap, how it affects businesses, and ways to close the tech skills gap – starting with you learning in-demand tech skills! You can stay ahead of the competition by continually developing your skills in Cloud, Linux, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Containers, Security, Big Data, and DevOps. Gain the proficiency and certifications needed to build your resume for the top jobs in the industry.

Learn the skills and platforms needed to fast-track your career with Linux Academy. We empower you to train smarter, move faster, and stay ahead.

With the growing tech skills gap, it’s never been a better time to learn the most in-demand tech skills to close the gap!

in-demand tech skills

No matter where you are in your career, train with Linux Academy and develop the in-demand skills businesses are looking for. Join our community of IT professionals and close your skills gap by gaining in-demand tech skills today!


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