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Celebrating ‘The Great Rewrite’ With Our Developers

Posted on September 28, 2018 by SophiaPSophiaP

Our development team has been hard at work for months now on ‘The Great Rewrite.’ Our very talented and dedicated developers have taken the features our students know and love (Flashcards, Study Groups, Learning Paths, etc) and made them even more efficient and effective for future growth. You’ve seen some of these new and improved features already and you’ll hear more about them later!

Our developers were in office last week from across the nation to celebrate ‘The Great Rewrite.’ It’s not often our developers are all together in the office, so we had to celebrate with yummy cake and delicious Mexican food! Take a look at the fun we had!

celebration of The Great Rewrite
celebration celebration of The Great Rewrite celebration of The Great Rewrite
Of course, we couldn’t forget about our remote employees! Anthony James, our awesome and generous CEO, decided to treat our remote employees to a lunch of their choice. Take a look at the delicious meals they had!

Celebration of Great Rewrite celebration of great rewrite celebration of great rewrite
After a week of fun with our developers, it’s time for them to go home and continue building the best platform possible for our students! The fun doesn’t have to stop, though. We’ve got something planned for everyone (and anyone) to join in on! Put your pumpkin carving/painting skills to the test this October for a chance to win some great prizes! Be on the lookout for an announcement with the rules soon.


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