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Careers in Tech: From Limited AWS Experience to AWS Certified DevOps Engineer in 2 Months

Posted on January 9, 2019 by MollisonNorwoodMollisonNorwood

Linux Academy student Dimple Aggrawal, Data Analyst/Controller, was pointed towards Linux Academy during a job interview that required him to learn more AWS skills, and went on to earn four certifications in just two months! Read more about his journey below!

Start by telling us a little bit about your background, how you got into AWS and DevOps.

My first tech job started in 1998 as an ETL/Web Developer working for a company named FYI where our projects were for Hewlett Packard’s reporting database and American Airlines mileage program. I joined DataLode Inc. as a Data Analyst in 2000 where I was working again for Hewlett Packard’s different projects. My family moved to Illinois in 2002 and for 9 years, I was working as a Controller.

In 2011, I got an opportunity to develop an application in Python using Django. I moved back to California in 2015 and continued as a Python Developer.
This is the fun part. In early 2018, I had an interesting conversation with my ex-boss and mentor regarding some changes in my career. She suggested Linux Academy for AWS and Big Data. So I joined, but instead of learning AWS and Big Data, I started improving my Python skills and learning Ansible. Mid 2018, I was able to impress a great company with my Python skills, but AWS was their main requirement and everyone in the interview team suggested I go to Linux Academy. I was working on a project and knew before my next job I needed to improve my skills, so I returned to Linux Academy. On October 13, I received my first certificate and thanks to Linux Academy I now have four.

What has your career been like? What’s your current job title?

My career is actually divided into two parts: Data Analyst/Controller. Currently working on an accounting reconciliation project using Python, Sqoop, and Hive.

What made you choose Linux Academy over other online training companies?

Environment, Labs, Instructors, Customer Support, and the list can go on.

Is the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification the first cert you’ve gotten by training with Linux Academy?

I’ve received four certificates so far by training with Linux Academy:

Next one in line: AWS Big Data and the journey continues…

Did you use a Learning Path within our platform to help you decide which certifications to take or how did you decide on these?

At the time I was preparing for AWS Solutions Architect, I needed extra material. So I planned to study Linux Academy’s AWS SysOPS course. With success in that, I followed the same approach for my next exams. So while preparing for SysOPS, I also finished AWS Architect Professional and AWS DevOps. I cleared AWS SysOPS on November 16th. After that, I started on AWS Whitepapers and AWS FAQs.

Do you think you will pursue more of an AWS focused career in the future? Or where do you see your career leading to in the next few years? 

AWS for now, machine learning for the future, and I need to brush up my statistics and probability skills.

What’s next for you?

I want to improve my DevOps skills.

What has been your biggest motivator to get these certifications?

It started from my last interview where everyone suggested Linux Academy for AWS. Now I am hooked to Linux Academy’s labs and training.

What features within the LA platform have been the most valuable during your studies?

My instructors are very talented and the labs were highly educational.

What’s the best piece of advice you would give to a new LA student?

Repeat lectures until you can recite them word for word. The instructors are very experienced and know the information you will need for your exams as well as for your future careers. The labs provide real-time experience. This experience is so important that I am still repeating them despite achieving my certificates.

That’s great advice! Is there anything you would do differently looking back?

I wish I had joined Linux Academy earlier.

If you could say one thing about your experience with Linux Academy, what would it be?

Linux Academy has excelled in providing a professional and engaging learning environment with enthusiastic lectures actively involved in the industry in which they teach. It has exceeded my expectations.

Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us, Dimple! We look forward to seeing more of your successes in the future and best of luck on AWS Big Data!


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2 years ago

I’m curious, was Dimple’s study content almost exclusively LA, or additional content?
That’s pretty impressive 4 certs in 2 months.
I would be curious as to what his methods were.

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