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Here at Linux Academy, we create course content day-in and day-out, but that isn’t all we do!  We are genuinely passionate about our students and want all of them to succeed!  While our Course Authors do work very hard to provide students with updated, quality content, they are also available for when students have questions.  In fact, we’ve created a community where you can interact with other fellow students, which continues to grow with each passing day.  Part of the reason why we love what we do here is being able to meet and interact with all of our students (current or future!), especially face-to-face.

Recently, the Linux Academy team went to Interop ITX in Vegas and got to meet many students, here are some highlights:
“Students are genuinely thankful for Linux Academy. Many students dropped by our booth to give us a heart-filled thank you and to tell us how we’re a wonderful resource. Seeing these student’s faces, witnessing their  gratitude, and hearing from them really allowed me to see how these students’ lives and skills are being impacted by our training.” – Chaz

“I love meeting and connecting with students and potential students at events.  We [Course Authors] are there to say hi and to answer any questions so don’t be reluctant to come up to us.  In fact, I recall a couple of great discussions I had with students at Interop about the merits of Ansible and how useful it is or about reusing older hardware with Linux for other tasks and so let me tell you, we [Course Authors] love these discussions.  I always tell students that if they’re going to be at an event, to find us there and introduce yourself to us, because we love meeting you!  In fact, if you see me at one of the events, definitely come up to say hi because you never know, I may have some special Linux Academy swag for you!” – Kevin

“I generally only get to interact with admins for our team accounts.  So when I get go to events and meet students that are part of these teams, it’s really exciting to hear from them firsthand about how much they love Linux Academy and how much it has helped them as a professional. It makes me feel proud to be a part of something that really makes a difference to not only a company, but to that individual, specifically. Students always have stories to share about how they’ve told others about us and I love that.” – Kim

“Our students are always happy to meet us at events, and especially excited when they get to meet with our Content Authors because they’ve been watching their videos.  We love this interaction because it really brings home why we do this – and that’s to really impact someone’s life.” – Justin
“Linux Academy students appreciate our dedication – our instructors’ attention to detail on their content, responsiveness, and how easy we make it for people to learn new skills and advance their careers!  I love hearing success stories and there are so many of them. It’s great to hear that someone was able to get a better job or keep their skills relevant because of what we do here!” – Matt

Linux Academy team at Interop ITX in Vegas

“Being able to meet so many current Linux Academy students and spending time with them to really get to know them is always something I look forward to. In fact, we even played a few games of badminton with students at Interop – that was pretty cool!  I always enjoy the great conversations we have while being in a different environment, especially when students run up to us to tell us their success stories.” – Colette
“Having the opportunity to meet students at Interop ITX added an entirely new dimension to what it is that we do at Linux Academy. Seeing the smiles on the faces of people who not only recognize our company, but love what we have to offer is completely rewarding.” – Dawn
We had a great time meeting everyone at Interop ITX!  Thank you for stopping by to see us and we hope to see you next year!


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