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Big Data Online Training | New November Releases

Posted on November 19, 2018 by OliviaOlivia

You asked, we delivered. We’re excited to release new Big Data online training! As part of our 200+ new Courses, Hands-On Labs, and Practice Exams/Quizzes launch this month, we’ve also released:

With over 200 new pieces of training content launching this month, it’s the perfect time to start learning with Linux Academy. Stay tuned for a full content launch recap!

New Big Data Online Training Courses

Big Data Online Training - Elastic Certified Engineer

Elastic Certified Engineer

with Myles Young
Get introduced to the Elastic Stack services and have a deeper look at the Elasticsearch product, in order to prepare for the Elastic Certified Engineer exam. Each video lesson corresponds directly with an exam objective, so you can easily identify which lesson covers each exam topic. Learn through multiple Hands-On Lab, applying what you learn in the lessons with an exam-like environment. At the end of the course, you can take a large Hands-On Lab, that behaves like a mock exam, and covers all the objectives for the certification.

Hands-On Labs in this Course:

  1. Deploy and Configure an Elasticsearch Cluster
  2. Install and Configure X-Pack Security
  3. Create Users and Roles with X-Pack Security
  4. Define Elasticsearch Indexes
  5. Define Elasticsearch Indexes with Dynamic Mapping
  6. Perform CRUD Operations in Elasticsearch
  7. Reindex Elasticsearch Data
  8. Define Elasticsearch Mappings
  9. Create a Custom Elasticsearch Analyzer
  10. Allocate Shards to Specific Elasticsearch Nodes
  11. Backup and Restore Elasticsearch Indexes
  12. Configure Cross-Cluster Search in Elasticsearch
  13. Search Documents in Elasticsearch
  14. Define Aggregations in Elasticsearch
  15. Elastic Certified Engineer Exam – Part 1
  16. Elastic Certified Engineer Exam – Part 2


AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty Course

with Fernando Medina Corey
Big data is one of the most exciting and in-demand skills today, powering large companies such as Google and Facebook. This in-depth course will provide you with the required knowledge needed to prepare for taking the AWS Big Data Specialty Certification. We will cover the various big data products available and build highly-scalable and secure big data applications.

Hands-On Labs in this Course:

  1. Creating and Configuring Kineses Streams and Kineses Firehose in AWS
  2. Migrating a Database using DMS
  3. Creating DynamoDB Tables
  4. Querying EMR Using Hive
  5. Creating and Using a SageMaker Notebook
  6. Analyzing and Visualizing Data with AWS Elasticsearch Service and Kibana



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