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If you’re still rubbing your eyes and desperately brewing that second cup of coffee, know that we are right there with you. It’s a Monday, and we all know this likely isn’t your favorite day ending in ‘Y’. While we might be mentally foggy from the weekend, we can’t help but feel energized from last Thursday, and the AWS Summit, New York. Granted, it’s going to be incredibly difficult, to combine the feelings our team experienced and the learners we were able to meet into one post, but I have to try. Between launching our new transcripts

Changing Lives

We’ve all heard this phrase and numerous companies talk about this. Since it’s inception, Linux Academy has always stood behind this mission: change the lives of our learners. But what does that mean and what does it look like in action? Simply put the AWS Summit, New York.

Our own Paul Kaplan is so passionate about Learning by Doing, he can’t keep still!

At the summit, we met hundreds of learners. We shook your hand, we gave and received the best hugs, and talked over what you like, what you love, and ways we can improve. Being a learner-obsessed company means providing innovative tools, listening to your needs, and, the best part, hearing how these tools improved your life. If you were one of the many learners that found us and shared your story, THANK YOU. Here are just a few of the many amazing successes overheard at our booth during the AWS Summit:


“I failed the first time I took my AWS certification and I was an AWS employee! When I studied with Linux Academy, I as well as my entire team passed!”

“Please never stop doing what you are doing.”

“I’m using your transcripts and it’s really making a difference for me.”

“I wouldn’t be here without you guys. This time last year I was unemployed. Now I have two certifications and a great job.”


And so, so many more. All of these quotes were just small pieces of larger stories. These stories are what encourage us to create even more content, of the highest caliber. Knowing such amazing humans depend on us, drives us. And knowing so many of you changed your lives in months; changed the course of your career and the future of your families, in months, blows us away. We love seeing how you use our Hands-On Labs and continue to excel in your careers and experiences, year after year.

Oh hey, Ray! Ray Gumti is a learner and contributor that always puts a smile on our face!

Initially, I knew I would have a lot of fun at the AWS Summit. Between the demonstrations, the keynote speakers, and the various vendors, there was so much to take in. I knew I would meet amazing and innovative minds- all looking to do big things.  But what I didn’t know, and still can’t fully comprehend, is that the most intriguing, uplifting, and inspiring conversations, all came from Linux Academy learners.

Eric Frick loves talking about all things cloud and Hands-On Labs.

Bittersweet AWS Summit Goodbyes

Eventually, our team concluded this 12-hour marathon we call AWS Summit, New York with pictures and hugs. Our mighty group spoke with over a thousand learners, individually. I am in awe of them, as well as every single one of you reading this. The bonds we have built with you, are unmatched. As long as there are questions, and as long as the cloud exists, we will be here to provide answers and guidance along the way. Thank you for trusting us with your education.  We don’t take our roles lightly and we know you have options when choosing your online coursework.

Just as you continue to choose us, we continue to choose you. In every decision at our company, from financial to product development, we choose you first. If it has a huge benefit to learners, no matter the cost or work involved, we pursue it with our entire heart. And, after the AWS Summit, I know that heart is something we will never be lacking in, thanks to you. Please, if you haven’t, go to one of the upcoming events. The only thing we enjoy more than building our coursework is meeting the people that use it, and yes, Change. Their. Lives.


Part of the Linux Academy crew that came to meet learners!


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