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AWS EC2 is a core part of AWS’s cloud platform, allowing users to spin up virtual machines for a variety of tasks; however, EC2’s offerings can be overwhelming. Learn the basics today with our new AWS EC2 cheat sheet!

AWS EC2 Cheat Sheet

You can start implementing this cheat sheet in the following course: AWS Essentials

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Image of Sandeep
3 years ago

Hi I like to get more cheat sheets

Image of Winnie
3 years ago

Hi Sandeep,
Glad you like our cheat sheets, we will definitely have more coming your way.. stay tuned!

Image of Jb
3 years ago

Ya we like to see more

Image of Mike L
Mike L
3 years ago

That’s a neat idea – let’s get more cheat sheets for other services!

Image of Nick
2 years ago

Hi, you have a typo in “detach volume” section. Should be:
aws ec2 detach-volume –volume-id

Image of PhilZona
2 years ago

Good catch, Nick! We’ve corrected that – thanks for letting us know!


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