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Announcing Instant Hands-On Labs for Google Cloud

Posted on June 7, 2019 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

Nothing gives us more joy than announcing new features and enhancements that add to the learning experience. Today, we’re happy to announce instant labs are now part of our Google Cloud Consoles in the Linux Academy Cloud Playground!
Recording of cloud playground

Your staff can practice in a safe environment without worrying about cost, reimbursement, account management, or compliance.

Linux Academy hands-on labs deploy scenario-based environments that encourage learning by doing. These deployments can sometimes take 10-15 minutes to deploy, and we wanted to reduce that. To help remove barriers to success, we introduced the instant lab concept. These interactive hands-on labs start within seconds, so the learner can jump into an environment and start learning. More learning, less downtime, increased productivity-it’s a beautiful thing.

Previously, we launched a unique sandbox function within Linux Academy called Cloud Playground. The Cloud Playground is an excellent tool to be able to practice in scenario-based Linux, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud environments. You can give hands-on “practice” environments to your staff without the added stress of insecure ports, compliance, or cost reimbursement. When AWS releases a new service, Cloud Playground gives your staff access to their new service with no consequences or extra cost.

But it gets better. These features, including the Google Cloud addition, are currently available to our learners and businesses. That’s right.  You can start learning, now.  What are you waiting for?


About Linux Academy

Linux Academy is the leading hands-on Cloud training provider. We offer pure serverless and Cloud focused training, as well as in-depth Linux, security, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Development, and Containers training. We realize that Linux powers the world: serverless, space, technology, etc. Sixty percent of virtual machines on Azure are all Linux. But Linux Academy doesn’t only train over Linux or Linux specific items. We focus on the full stack range from what makes the system run and help developers, as well as newcomers, hone new skills.

It is our mission at Linux Academy to continue to innovate true hands-on training and champion an interactive learning experience. We can’t wait to help you learn!  Try us out, and Learn Google Cloud By Doing or get started with the Cloud Playground HERE.


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