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Our Google Cloud Security Essentials course is now live!

The Google Cloud Security Essentials course will introduce you to the foundational skills needed to properly secure your organization’s GCP environment. At the completion of this course, you will be familiar with the core fundamentals needed to manage, access, and minimize exposure to your Google Cloud resources.
We will cover the following topics in depth, which act as the foundational pillars to securing GCP:

  • Managing resource access with Identity and Access Management roles
  • Securing your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network resources
  • Managing OS security and access on Compute Engine
  • Best practices for securing data in Cloud Storage
  • Monitoring and Logging of administrative actions on GCP
  • Introduction to custom encryption using Cloud Key Management System (KMS)

This is a beginner’s level course, although having a basic familiarity interacting with Google Cloud via the web console will be helpful.
Join me as we jump in and learn how to keep your Google Cloud environment secure yet accessible to those who need access. If you missed the livestream that announced this course along with our new Practice Exams system, watch the replay here


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