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Got a cool new app you need to push worldwide with minimum hassle? Or maybe the hottest new game that needs to scale to 100,000s of users on a moment’s notice? How about an enterprise-level line business app that your boss wanted to go live yesterday, at a minimum development cost and pay-as-you-go pricing? If any of those scenarios sound possible for you now or in the future, you need to join me for the Google App Engine Deep Dive course, launched today by Linux Academy.

App Engine Interactive Chart

App Engine was one of the first Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings available, now running strong for over 10 years. It’s a robust service that has evolved over the years, and this course will give you a complete grasp of what it is, how it works, and for what projects it’s best suited. In addition to giving you all the details about App Engine, including how it fits into the overall Google Cloud platform and compares to competing services, you’ll see how to build an app from the ground up—and then test and manage it.

The course covers both App Engine’s proprietary Standard environment as well as its newer, more standardized Flexible environment. In fact, you’ll see how to take the app we create—the LA Music Gallery—and migrate it from one environment to the other. The course also includes an interactive diagram created especially for this course that details how an application is constructed, with full information on the steps always at your fingertips. It’s a terrific tool for deeply understanding how App Engine works.
I’m really looking forward to having you join me in this course. Feel free to ask me anything (in the comments below!) about the nature of the course, App Engine, or Google Cloud. Hope to see you there!


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