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A Look At Our For Business Platform: Assign Training And Due Dates To Individuals And Groups

Posted on March 29, 2019 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

At Linux Academy, one way we onboard our new staff is by setting them up with a custom learning path and training assignment. This is hugely successful for teams like our Customer Success team and Sales team, who are great at what they do but may be lacking in the technical knowledge we provide. Part of this process is building a custom learning path based off of what the team is expected to understand; then, when a new person joins that team, we assign them that designated learning path. We use this for more than just on-boarding, as it is also part of our continuing education program for our staff.

Currently, any business can utilize this same learning principle through Linux Academy. So why this announcement? Well, I am happy to announce that we’ve only made this process easier with our Business Platform.

Learning Path Assignment Updates for the Business Platform

Before, businesses would have to go through and provide a learning path per student, but we’ve created a new, streamlined process in creating learning paths, adding students to those learning paths, and monitoring those paths. Businesses are now able to assign one learning path to students with the use of groups. These groups are then assigned a specific learning path, or paths, that Administrator and Group Administrators can monitor. A group can have a specific due date placed on it, along with desired assignments for student completion. These assignments and due dates can be updated anytime and then applied to the entire group. On top of that, once you assign a due date to an entire group, you can still update individual assignments within that group assignment! Students can also be in multiple groups at the same time, allowing you to create distinct curriculums based on the needs of your business.

Let’s look take a look at assigning a group.

What if you want to assign other users and other groups different assignments and due dates at the same time?

You’ll notice below, we choose to assign the learning path, but without a due date this time. A notice will show up on the user’s dashboard and inform them they were assigned a learning path. However, they will not have a required completion date.

What if you want to assign a due date to all the members within your Linux Academy organization?

We have introduced a new concept called the “everyone” group. Everyone who is a member of your company’s Linux Academy organization will automatically be a member of this group, allowing you to assign learning paths and due dates to “everyone” within your organization that is a student. You cannot remove yourself or anybody else from this group.

What if you want to change an assignment for a member of a group?

Say one of the students in your organization needs a little more time than others due to illness. You can change the due date for that specific student, making sure they have the time they need to complete their assignments.

Here we are updating only one due date for a single student. You can also re-assign the due date for the whole group as well, allowing you to set up the learning paths however you want.

In the past weeks, I introduced free Administrative licenses and new Dashboard Analytics. I’ve got more updates coming for you so stay tuned for more blog posts around our upcoming Linux Academy for Business platform launch in April! If you are looking for team training and are not yet a Linux Academy customer, learn more about Linux Academy for Business or request a demo today. This is truly a game-changer for training with Linux Academy.


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