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For those of you who pay careful attention to new content, you may have realized a recent change with our newest Live! Labs: They now include on-page video!
Live! Lab Page
Live! Labs are intended to give you hands-on experience working with the technologies you learn about in our videos. Live! Labs give students access to servers, the AWS Console or OpenStack environments based on the course and task at hand. If it seems like you are working in a real environment, that is because you are.
Until now, Live! Labs often featured PDF instructions or were to be performed alongside general videos located on the course page. The addition of specialized videos to Live! Labs offers a new way for students to work. Videos are pared down into scenarios, featuring each segment of the lab in a short, easily ingestible way. You can move forward in the lab or change to the next scenario by using the tab on the upper-righthand side of the video.
Live! Lab Segments
Course instructors lead the videos, who walk students through the lab, exploring and explaining the ins and outs of the actions you need to perform. It also provides a more visual learning experience for those who struggle with the text-based lab guides or simply prefer seeing someone else work while jumping in themselves.
Of course, this does not mean Live! Lab PDFs are falling by the wayside, because lab PDFs are getting an upgrade, too! We are reviewing each PDF for content, ease of understanding, and design. New PDFs feature links to related courses and video, put your connection information all in one place and provide students who want to challenge themselves by working without following along with a video an alternative option. All Live! Labs, including those currently without guides, will be getting this update.

Live! Labs are just one benefit of joining the Linux Academy, alongside our high-quality video content, quizzes, exam, student lab servers, personal instructor help and more! Join now!


Image of Abhinav Gade
Abhinav Gade
4 years ago

Do I have to pay extra for the lab? In the screenshot I can see that you have provided the login credentials, does this mean you create an AWS account for the user? How does it work?

Image of Elle K
Elle K
4 years ago

You do not have to pay extra for lab access. We provide you with temporary AWS credentials under our lab accounts so you can use the AWS dashboard for the duration of the lab.


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