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5 Hands-On Labs for Learning Serverless

Posted on September 5, 2018 by OliviaOlivia

Serverless architecture is very complex and can be intimidating. But as a technology, it offers numerous benefits for developers. It removes the menial parts of building an application, leaving you available to actually spend your time coding.

And you should never be afraid to try and learn a new technology! We’re here to help you along the way.

Here are five hands-on Labs for learning about serverless architecture:

1. Building a Serverless Application End-to-End

Learn how to build and deploy a serverless application on AWS using the AWS Serverless Transform within CloudFormation. The serverless application will take advantage of Lambda, API Gateway, and DynamoDB.
In this hands-on Lab, you’ll also:

  • Write code for Lambda in JavaScript
  • Write CloudFormation template using the Serverless Application Model transform
  • Deploy to AWS by placing the code in S3 and creating the CloudFormation stack

2. S3 Basics

Practice using AWS Simple Storage Serice (S3) in this hands-on Lab.
Learn and practice:

  • How to create a bucket
  • How to upload an object
  • How to set and change Storage Classes
  • How to set proper permission and share an object publicly

3. Building a VPC from Scratch

Learn to build a VPC from scratch in this hands-on Lab. Build each component of a VPC with a public and private subnet by hand.
You’ll create a VPC with the following components:

  • IGW
  • Two route tables (one for public subnets and one for private subnets)
  • Four subnets (two public and two private)
  • Two NACLs with inbound and outbound rules
  • Two Security Groups with inbound rules

4. Setting up a Classic ELB and Auto Scaling Group
In this hands-on Lab, you can practice creating:

  • Classic Elastic Load Balancers
  • Auto Scaling (launch configurations)
  • Auto Scaling (groups with auto-scaling policies)

The environment also provides a step-by-step video walkthrough if you wish to follow along before you practice on your own.

5. Creating EBS Snapshots with Lambda
In this hands-on Lab, you’ll create a Lambda function that takes snapshots of EBS volumes attached to running EC2 instances. Then, you’ll take it a step further by scheduling this Lambda function to run on a set schedule with scheduled events.

Start learning serverless and practicing your skills in these 5 Challenges (and so many more) for free with our 7-day trial!

Want to learn more about serverless? Our Serverless Concepts Course will teach you all the basics.

  • Learn what constitutes a serverless application and the differences between traditional and serverless architectures
  • Watch how-to videos that show off services like AWS Lambda, Google Firebase, Azure Functions, and more
  • Review note cards to remember key elements from the sessions


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