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Weekly Update 5-13-2019

Posted on May 13, 2019 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO


We are starting to wind down on our content releases, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have more in store for you! Last week was all about Azure, and as I teased, we are now jumping into the world of containers! That’s right; this week is all about containers, so why don’t we take a look at what we have for you.

Container Courses

No matter which course you decide to start with, our Teaching Architects have created some fantastic content for you. Here’s what’s new this week :

  • Helm Deep Dive pulls you into the world of Kubernetes and teaches you all about the Helm package. It kicks off with the pre-requisites for learning all about Helm before showing you just how powerful this tool can be.
  • Kubernetes Security is exactly what it sounds like. This course goes through the concepts and best practices for Kubernetes security, giving you the knowledge to keep your information safe.
  • AIOPS Essentials (Autoscaling Kubernetes with Prometheus Metrics) provides students with a course that goes through the fundamental concepts for AIOps, and dips into machine learning and AI usage with scaling in Kubernetes.
  • Service Mesh with ISTIO gives you hands-on knowledge of how to work with ISTIO and helps you learn just what it is capable of.

Next Week and Reminders

While next week is our final week of new content reveals, this time focussing on DevOps, that doesn’t mean we don’t have more exciting information for you. I’ll be hinting at a few new platform releases next week that we’ll get into during June, so make sure to subscribe and keep up with all of the new content we create with you in mind.

Another reminder is that we are still doing our Cloud Playground Challenge! This challenge requires you to create a real-world project that shows off your abilities in our Cloud Playground, and in doing so, you can earn gems to spend in our Swag Store! Don’t miss out on not only showing Linux Academy and your fellow students what you can do but also get rewarded for producing something amazing.

And, as always, don’t forget to catch up on the most recent episodes of our amazing podcasts:

  • Coder Radio — Fear, Uncertainty, and .NET: .NET 5 has been announced and brings a new unified future to the platform. We dig into Microsoft’s plans and speculate about what they might mean for F#, review the value of manual testing, Visual Studio Code Remote, and Conway’s Game of Life in Rust.
  • Linux Action News — Linux Action News 105: We report from the ground of the big announcement of RHEL 8’s release, Microsoft announces WSL 2 with a real Linux kernel at the core, and details on their new open source terminal. Plus Alpine Linux Docker images shipped for 3 years with root accounts unlocked, and Google’s new attempt to send updates directly to your phone.
  • LINUX Unplugged — Ultimate Fedora Test: Is Fedora 30 the peak release of this distribution? We put it through the ultimate test, live on the air, and put everything on the line. Plus Red Hat’s new logo, Dell’s new Linux workstations, and meet a new member of our crew.
  • TechSNAP — Keeping Systems Simple: We continue our take on ZFS as Jim and Wes dive into snapshots, replication, and the magic of copy on write. Plus some handy tools to manage your snapshots, rsync war stories, and more!
  • User Error — Dungeons and Distros: What it takes to make a proper distro, how we send emails, and the constant quest for knowledge. Plus D&D, and April Fools annoyances.


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