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Happy 5th Birthday to Kubernetes!

5 years ago, Kubernetes was born and quickly became one of the most important open-source platform innovations. Today, its Github repository boasts 55,384 stars and 2,205 contributors! We’re not just celebrating Kubernetes and how much easier it makes our lives, but we’re also celebrating the open-source community that added to the container management tool; making it what it is today. When you have an entire community working together to innovate and improve, the possibilities are endless.

Last year, we got to interview Brendan Burns, co-founder of Kubernetes. Brendan shared how he and his co-founders came up with Kubernetes and made it happen with the help of the open-source community! Watch it, below.

Learn More About Kubernetes

We want you to learn more about Kubernetes and even contribute to the project yourself. We have an entire library of resources to help you get started! If you’re a Kubernetes novice, don’t worry. Many of our courses, like the Kubernetes Essentials course, don’t require prior knowledge or experience, so anyone can get started. For more experienced learners, we have courses, like Kubernetes the Hard Way or the CKAD prep, to help you dive deeper into Kubernetes and reach certifications faster.

Below, our expert Training Architects mapped out a Learning Path to take you from zero to Kubernetes hero! It’s filled with Hands-On Labs and Interactive Diagrams to help you learn by doing, not just by viewing or reading. You can enroll in the Learning Path and set up a schedule with reminders to keep you on track.

We also understand that not everyone can afford to have high-quality training like this. But, we don’t want cost to be what stops someone from taking the next step in their career or expanding their knowledge base. Because of this, we’ve made some of our Kubernetes training tools free for anyone and everyone to learn with. Just sign up for a free community account to get started!



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