jQuery Mobile Tool bars & Navigation Menu’s

Anthony James —  April 3, 2011

In depth look at building jQuery Mobile header and footer menu’s. We also look at building navigation menu’s in the header and footer and creating iphone and android like fixed menu’s.

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Anthony James

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15 responses to jQuery Mobile Tool bars & Navigation Menu’s

  1. jpresch@msn.com'

    where is this file?

    • Great question, looks like this is one I neglected to put up. I’ll try to find it, if not recreate it for you today.

  2. keving721@gmail.com'

    Awesome tutorial, but please can you provide the
    source code? Will be even more helpful. Thanks

  3. rodf@myfit.ca'

    Where is the source code? Great tut, but no source code?

  4. anthony@reachmoremail.com'

    Hello Anthony,

    Great tutorials! I’ve learned more here in a day, than in a week scouring the net for jquerymobile tutorials. Outstanding presentations.

    In some of the tuts you reference downloadable source code. Where can we find it?

    I would love to see more tuts regarding jquerymobile in the future and particularly on the subject of adding images to the slider widget.

    Expanding a bit on adding widgets in general would be awesome as well.

    Thanks again Anthony and I look forward to more killer tuts @Pinehead.tv

    • I’ve added those to the list for you, do you want me to contact you somehow when they come out?

      • anthony@reachmoremail.com'

        That would be very cool of you. Please use the email address provided for commenting.

        Thanks for adding my suggestion to the list.

        I’m bookmarking pinehead.tv and telling my friends where to find awesome tutorials. Lot’s of relevant info for web designers apart from jquerymobile as well!

        Thank you Anthony.

    • carosauto@seznam.cz'

      John Dennington Posted on I found you’re blog via Yahoo and I have to say. A Massive Thank you, I believed your ailtcre was extremely enlightening I’ll come back to see what additional great information I can recieve here.

  5. danaviya@gmail.com'

    Well done as usall. what i am trying to learn is like your fantastic nav menue.

  6. tmstougie@gmail.com'


    can u please send me the code? This looks very usefull but I’m getting an error because of a wrong URL, its not working that way =[ thnx in advance!

  7. ravi.prakash.shahi@gmail.com'

    Hey Anthony, One Thing i am very confused about, actually i am very new to HTML5 and Jquery , i have to build a web app for Iphone and Ipad which should work like Native App,What my confusion is that whether i use Single page layout of Jquery Mobile or multi page layout and just Store Pages offline, i’l have to synchronize the app with server when the App starts.. for any type of Update,

    Thanks a lot for such a great tutorial, its really helping a lot

  8. ShaunBaddock@gmail.com'

    Great tutorial. Like most people who have posted comments. Is there a link to the source code?

    • Anthony James May 31, 2012 at 3:33 pm

      Well some of them have it some of them dont’. I can’t see if i can get it backup.

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