27 thoughts on “How to add admob to your jQueryMobile app, the right way

  1. I get the error “_admob is not defined” in firebug when I use this code. Using phonegap with jquerymob on android, testing on a PC with firefox. I think it occurs if admob does return an advert when I link to a page using an ajax request. Anyone else had this issue?

  2. Your code is not working: I copied and tried your files, and just like in my own site, the Javascript runs, but does not produce a visible ad.

    I assume jQueryMobile or AdMob changed something in their inner workings. But I’d really like to know a solution.

    1. Google made some changes on allowing admob into web apps. You might want to check out those new policies. I’ll take a look this week and create another tut for you.

  3. I see. Thanks james.. I didn’t see it because it is invisible, only after I highlighted that area, the download link will appear.

  4. Is it just me or is this not working?
    Maybe Google considers this as a TOS violation?
    I have tried your code and nothing gives.
    Is there maybe another bug fix?

    1. Well google keeps changing the way it works. Have you downloaded the git source? Last I checked that was correct, perhaps I’ll have to find another work around for the 3rd time.

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