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Introducing Google Cloud Hands-On Labs by Linux Academy

Posted on March 7, 2019 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

Linux Academy is the industry-leading hands-on lab cloud training platform with unique hands-on labs. These labs and platforms are a reflection of our core belief of supporting students in their mission to learn and grow and also pushing the boundaries of online learning, and we’ have even more to deliver. Recently, we expanded the hands-on lab platform to include: instant labs, instant terminal, Cloud Playground, and Cloud Sandboxes. Our focus on providing tools for your success has made our lab platform an enterprise team must have. Your teams can now do more training in a lunch hour with our hands-on environments than they can anywhere else.

Today, I’m excited to announce our brand new hands-on lab offering for Google Cloud. Google Cloud is rapidly becoming a must-have tool in the enterprise toolbox. It’s rapid adoption and growth has made it an ideal platform for Disaster Recovery setups as well as primary cloud application hosting.

Linux Academy’s Google Cloud Hands-On labs deploy real-world scenarios, a real Google Cloud environment for you to learn in, solution videos, a written guide, and an architecture diagram. When you deploy these labs, you are working in a real Google Cloud environment provided to you at no additional cost by Linux Academy.

Facilitate Hands-On Learning for Your Enterprise Team

With Linux Academy’s instant terminal and Google Cloud labs, there are no files or software to download, no open insecure ports on your corporate network, and no unsecured communications with remote machines. What you do in Linux Academy, stays in Linux Academy. Our platform is specifically designed to get you connected to a hands-on lab in seconds, all with just the click of a mouse. There is no need to download “lab files” and deploy them in your own environment, which takes longer, costs more, is error-prone, and is a compliance nightmare. With Linux Academy, you know that your environment is secure, reliable, and will let you build up and break whatever you want without affecting your own systems.

No More Managing Multiple Cloud Accounts

Managing multiple Google accounts or Google organizations isn’t easy. You have to manage security, compliance, cost, and what happens when a member leaves the organization? Keeping up with all of these different components is tough, but that’s where Linux Academy comes in. Our environments are deployed for you or your team as part of your Linux Academy membership at no additional cost, removing the need to monitor your team’s accounts constantly. With Linux Academy, you can cut out the extra management and costs of having additional accounts, saving your team thousands of dollars. Not only that, but that time that would have been spent configuring and managing accounts at scale can instead be used to learn.

Linux Academy is Happy to Announce the Google Cloud Sandbox

We launched Cloud Playground back in October, and the sandbox is only getting bigger. The Cloud Playground is an area where your team can use hands-on virtual machines, instant terminals, or our Cloud Sandboxes to safely learn, build, and break whatever they like. You do not have to worry about extra cost, management, compliance, or downloads to your corporate network as everything is securely located on Linux Academy. With our addition of the Google Cloud to the Cloud Sandboxes, students can now spin up Google Cloud environments in seconds and safely test or play with new features in an environment. These environments have a shelf-life of 4 hours, meaning the entire environment will be purged after the 4-hour time limit, removing all the data they inputted and items they were testing, keeping their information —and your organizations— safe. This is all included with the price of a Linux Academy subscription. There are no upgrades, no gimmicks, just real hands-on, easy to use learning.

A Note About our Hands-On Labs

Linux Academy offers hands-on labs in Linux, Google Cloud, Security, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Containers, and all our additional training content categories. These hands-on labs deploy real-world environments and load in seconds. Our lab suite provides secure access and allows any resource deployed in the Cloud Accounts to be accessible through a browser, without downloads, plugins, or opening insecure remote ports. Gone are the days of having to worry about VPN, software, or other blockers that have been barriers to real-world, hands-on learning inside of the enterprise for e-learning. Linux Academy is in the middle of launching development focused content which will also come with hands-on labs.


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