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Big Data & AI News | Google Cloud Next 19 | Day Two Recap

Posted on April 11, 2019 by JosephLoweryJosephLowery

Greetings one and all! Joe Lowery here, Google Cloud Training Architect, bringing you the news from the Day 2 Keynote at the Google Cloud Next ’19 conference in San Francisco. Today’s keynote presentation was jam-packed with tons of announcements and I’m happy to break it all down for you.

Traffic Director

After a quick recap of Day 1, highlighting the release of Anthos (covered in our recent blog post by colleague Matt Ulasien), the “just released” proclamations came fast and furiously. Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, introduced Traffic Director, the new global traffic management service for VMs and containers as well as Cloud Run, which allows you to run any container in a serverless environment. He then covered the new focus on cloud security with an emphasis on access log transparency, data loss prevention, and VPC service controls such as Policy Intelligence, a machine learning-based service that targets access that may be too broad.

Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL Server and Managed Services for Active Directory

Several of my fellow Training Architects and I agreed that the next announcements were among the biggest of the day: Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL Server and Managed Service for Active Directory. Each individually is terrific, but both together is a fantastic one-two punch for enterprise companies. In fact, much of the big push in the first two days here was on the enterprise, with big name after big name showing up as Google Cloud partners. Almost every new service covered today was paired with a notable enterprise company who had been battle-testing it; their descriptions were compelling.

Cloud Data Fusion

Big data got some big news today as well. Cloud Data Fusion, a new service for moving data into BigQuery, was introduced; it boasts an open-source transformation engine and 100+ connectors. A quick demo displayed a drag-and-drop UI for quickly migrating your data to the cloud. Other related new services revealed included BigQuery BI (Business Intelligence) Engine, Connected Sheets (allowing Google Sheets to run BigQuery data), and AutoML Tables, a service with the declared aim of “making AI useful.”

Cloud AI

Speaking of AI… Google Cloud announced a host of new machine learning and AI services, so many that the first announcement launched their new Cloud AI Platform. On the platform you’ll now find:

  • AI Hub, a central location for coordinating your ML efforts;
  • Two new AutoML entries: AutoML Video and the afore-mentioned AutoML Tables;
  • Document Understanding AI, for automatically processing and analyzing documents;
  • Recommendations AI, offering personalized recommendations at scale; and
  • Contact Center AI—the AI help center service based on DialogFlow.

All in all, it was an amazing day of releases and highlights in a week of amazing releases. And there’s more to come!

Join us for our after party on April 11 and stay tuned more announcement updates from Google Next!


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