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Anthos Announced | Google Cloud Next 19 | Day One Recap

Posted on April 10, 2019 by MattUMattU

Hi everyone! Google Cloud Training Architect, Matthew Ulasien reporting to you from Google Next 2019 with the Linux Academy Google Cloud team.

On day one, Google Cloud announced some new initiatives that could fundamentally change how we approach technology, especially how to migrate to the cloud.

The common theme this year was that of openness and portable workloads that avoid vendor lock-in.

The first, and biggest announcement, was that of Anthos.

Now we’ve heard for years that multi-cloud, hybrid environments are the way of the future, but the fact remains that moving legacy applications to the cloud is HARD, which is why over 80% of company workloads are still on premises, and most organizations don’t want to go through the pain and expense to re-write their application just to get locked into a single cloud platform.

Anthos seeks to fix all that by truly introducing “write once, run anywhere” capabilities across on-premises environments and other cloud platforms as well, with a single migration and management pane of glass that lets you manage multiple environments in a single place. Instead of having to make the huge leap into the cloud all at once, you can modernize at your own pace with containerized workloads (which Anthos will also help create, painlessly).

This is going to be a VERY big deal.

The other big announcement was that of the first cloud integrated, open source ecosystem. By partnering with some of the biggest names in open source such as Elastic, MongoDB, and Redis, Google Cloud will offer a single managed space for fully managed services, a single interface to manage open source applications, and unified billing. Now you no longer need to choose between using open source applications to avoid lock-in, or easy to use managed services, now you can have both!

Stay tuned tomorrow for our thoughts on the new announcements that will be coming out on day 2.

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See you then!


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