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6 Years of Docker | Hands-On Docker Training

Posted on March 20, 2019 by SophiaPSophiaP

We just celebrated our 7th birthday at Linux Academy with a trivia challenge! Let’s just say some of us enjoyed it more than others. Click here to see why. But, beware… things get really hot!

Just a short week later, we’re celebrating 6 years of Docker! Docker has led the container revolution and become the most popular container runtime over the past 6 years. Click here to participate in Docker’s show-and-tell celebrations around the world!

Why We Love Docker

  • Docker reduces infrastructure requirements saving you money. Docker easily automates the packing, distributing, and managing of applications inside containers using fewer resources.
  • Each container is secure and segregated from each other. This grants you complete control over traffic flow and management. If one container happens to be compromised, this won’t affect the others.
  • Docker is fast. You can have multiple containers up and running in seconds rather than configuring and waiting for a virtual machine to boot up.
  • Docker is open source. You can extend or manipulate it to meet your exact needs, whatever they may be.

Docker History

Docker now has over 37 billion container downloads, over 3.5 million Dockerized apps, and over 200 active Docker user groups.


DockerCon is always a huge hit and this year DockerCon is going to sunny San Francisco! Stay in touch with some of our employees who may be going (Ell and Chad) so you can meet them there!

Hands-On Docker Training

Docker Quick Start with 2 hours of training


Docker Certified Associate Prep Course with 18 hours of training
plus exam tips from Terry!

Essential Container Concepts with 6 hours of training

Learn Docker by Doing with 26 hours of training

If you’re new to Docker, be sure to check out these Learning Paths to get your feet wet:

Test Your Docker Knowledge!

Which of these commands returns low-level information on Docker objects?

A. docker inspect 
B. docker info
C. docker rmi
D. docker ps

The question above taken from our LPI DevOps Tools Engineer Certification Course. Answer it in the comments, below!


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