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Announcing the Google Kubernetes Engine Deep Dive Course

Posted on November 12, 2018 by JosephLoweryJosephLowery

“Google Kubernetes Engine is a fully managed service for orchestrating and deploying containerized applications.”

How many words in the sentence above do you not fully and completely understand? Sure, you may have heard of Kubernetes, and might even know it’s a Greek translation of “helmsman.” But even if you use Kubernetes on-premises yourself, or within another cloud platform, are you totally aware of the advantages that Google brings to the containerized table? Google. They developed Kubernetes over a decade, pushing it to its limits with the global deployment of Gmail, YouTube, and yes, even Search. Are you ready to take advantage of all the benefits and robustness that Google Cloud makes possible with Kubernetes Engine? Take my just-released course, Google Kubernetes Engine Deep Dive, and you will be.


Containerized apps and Kubernetes are blazing hot right now in the tech world. Containerizing an app (I’ll show you how) makes it possible to meet many demands of modern computing: multiple environments for development and testing, rapid spikes and equally rapid declines in usage, and higher efficiency to deliver faster at lower costs. However, to achieve maximum impact, containerized apps need to be scheduled, scaled, and kept healthy and up-to-date. They need to be orchestrated, in other words. I’ll explain how Kubernetes Engine is architected (with interactive diagrams like the ones below) to do just that.

Interactive Diagram for Google Kubernetes Engine Deep Dive course

Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes Engine is equal parts Kubernetes (the open-source technology), and Engine, the fully-managed service that simplifies setup and configuration without sacrificing any of the power. Google Kubernetes Engine Deep Dive takes a good amount of time at the beginning to explore how all the pieces fit together, although I do step you through spinning up a cluster and deploying an app in the first general lesson. In fact, the course is a constant balance of explain and explore.

Kubernetes Engine is well-integrated into the Google Cloud platform. We’ll cover all the pertinent aspects, and we’ll start with Cloud IAM because identity and access is critical to Kubernetes. We’ll also delve into a variety of security techniques and networking approaches that you can apply immediately to real-world scenarios. I’ll show you how to expand Kubernetes Engine from its default stateless realm to the world of persistent storage and stateful apps. Google Cloud has the pieces in place to streamline the process, and you’ll meet them all. I’ll even introduce you to the latest service (as of this writing — Google moves fast!) to join the Kubernetes Engine line-up, GKE On-Prem. And I promise you, it’s a game changer.

I hope you’ll join me in exploring this amazing, rich, powerful computing service and develop the robust knowledge you’ll need to keep up in today’s fast-trending market with my Google Kubernetes Engine Deep Dive course.


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