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Kubernetes 1.9 Release Enhances Support for Cloud Native Infrastructure (and Windows!)

Posted on December 7, 2017 by Elle KElle K

Kubernetes latest upcoming release, 1.9, has a release scheduled for December 13, 2017, and contains a number of improvements and expanded functionalities. Changes to the Workloads API aim to address stability concerns as it gets added to General Availability, the Kubernetes Windows beta moves forward, and the Storage Special Interest Group (SIG-Storage) works with the Container Storage Interface (CSI) Community to create a single interface for Kubernetes storage solutions all in this update.

Workload API – General Availability Release

Kubernetes Workloads APIs aim to help users both migrate to Kubernetes, as well as develop Cloud Native infrastructure. As of this release, it has reached General Availability and is enabled by default. Containing DaemonSet, Deployment, ReplicaSet, and StatefulSet, the Workloads API allows users to manage long-running stateless and stateful workloads.

Windows (Beta)

While originally intended for Linux systems, for more than twelve months the Windows Special Interest Group (SIG-Windows) has worked towards getting Windows support beta-ready — and now it is! This means Windows support is now being evaluated for inclusion within Kuberneters proper.


The CSI Community aims to provide standards for container storage and provides a single interface from which to provision, attach, and mount storage. The Container Storage Interface, with help from SIG-Storage, is now compatible with Kubernetes and is in alpha. The feature must be manually enabled and should not be used on production machines.

The Kubernetes 1.9 release continues to expand the functionality of Kubernetes, and with increased Windows and storage support, as well as the Workloads API release, it’s clear that Kubernetes is continuing to innovate and adapt to the changing needs of containerized applications and services.


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