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How To Host Your DNS With Amazon Route 53

Posted on September 10, 2012 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

Learn how to host your DNS with Amazon Route 53. Are you ready to switch your DNS provider to a more stable, less expensive one? I have news for you– you can switch to Amazon Route 53. Amazon Route 53 allows you to host your DNS at a very low cost of $.50 (fifty cents!) per domain per month! And your first million queries are free! So how do you get started?
If you’re not going to manage your own DNS servers using something like BIND DNS server, then a service in the cloud like Amazon Route 53 is probably one of the best ways to do it. Below are some simple steps to get started hosting your own DNS on Amazon Route 53.

Sign up for Amazon Web Services
Sign up for Amazon Web Servers at
Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 2.32.53 PM
Login To AWS Control Panel
Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 2.33.07 PM
Select Route 53 From The Services Menu
Once you’ve logged in you’ll be confronted with a ton of Amazon services. What you’ll want to do is select “Route 53” from the list as shown below.
Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 2.34.01 PM
Simple so far, right? Keep going –you’re halfway done!
Sign Up For Route 53
If the Route 53 service isn’t already enabled for your account be sure to click on “Sign up.” It’s just a single click and takes about 15 minutes for your Route 53 account to become active.
Once Active Create A Hosted Zone
A zone is essentially the “domain” you want to host with Amazon. For me, the hosted zone will be Your hosted zone will be whatever domain you want to host with.
Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 2.51.43 PM
Enter Domain Information And Comment For Domain
When complete, browse to the bottom and select “Create Zone”
Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 2.52.35 PM
Copy The Name Servers To Your Domain
Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 2.55.14 PM
Under your “Hosted Zone Details” you’ll see information about your zone and name servers to add to your domain. You will see “Delegation Set.” These are the four name servers Route 53 provides you to add to your domain. Now, how you do this really depends on where your domain was registered. Your last step is to go to your domain registrar and set the name servers for the domain we just added to those four Delegation Set domains listed.
Update, then wait for DNS to update (anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours) and you’re set!


Image of Evgenii
3 years ago

Thank you, this was helpfull

Image of Bo
3 years ago

What about the “Traffic Flow” rate of $50 per month?

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