Happy 7th birthday, OpenStack!

OpenStack officially celebrated it’s 7th anniversary on July 19, 2017! OpenStack is a robust, diverse, and community-driven powerhouse that supports everything from Database management (Trove) to DNS (Designate) to containers (Magnum), and more. Originating as a collaboration between Rackspace and NASA, in the past seven years, OpenStack has since fostered an open and supportive community, had fifteen major releases and has accepted over 244,438 changes made by nearly 7,000 contributors. According to the last OpenStack User Survey, OpenStack is being used in production for both public and private cloud infrastructure in industries ranging from retail to government and defense; the number of OpenStack deployments has grown by 44% this past year, alone!

Unfortunately the triple-digit Texas heat got to the icing, but the cake was still delicious.


Linux Academy is proud to be a Foundation sponsor of OpenStack, and to celebrate the exponential growth of the beautifully diverse OpenStack community, we decided to celebrate the occasion with an official OpenStack Birthday Party!


If you would like more information on joining the OpenStack Foundation, please visit the OpenStack official website.

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